ThePhotoStick® is a removable storage stick that seeks out images and videos automatically, preserving all of the user's memories effortlessly. The device doesn't require other software, and anyone can use it for their laptop or a desktop computer.

What is ThePhotoStick®?

Everyone who takes a trip or a vacation will understand the need to keep a collection of memories in the form of videos and pictures. These images last far beyond when someone forgets what happened or what the scenery looked like, allowing users to reflect on the moment briefly. However, unlike written documents and other content, videos and pictures can take up a lot of room on a computer, causing issues in how quickly it functions.

While there are options like cloud storage or massive separate hard drives, it can take hours to go through all of the content that someone wants to save. Plus, if there are multiple versions of the same picture, users have to stay close by during the upload to close every dialog box that asks which copy to keep. With ThePhotoStick®, users can save tons of time and stress from their day.

ThePhotoStick has already received some reviews and praise from noteworthy sources like MarketWatch, CBS Business Insider, and Yahoo! Entertainment. As small as the device may be, it offers plenty of storage to keep up to 60,000 images stored at once. Users can choose from multiple removable drives, and the process is relatively quick.

Some consumers may already have their content backed up with cloud technology or with online storage, but there's a major risk with this connection. If the user loses their password, it can take a lot of work to just get it back. Plus, with online storage, anyone can hack into it. With this risk, private and personal images can be released by anyone with a vendetta (or with nothing better to do). Since ThePhotoStick doesn't require any internet connection and it doesn't have to stay attached to the computer after the upload, users keep all of their content safely away from the rest of the world (unless they want to share).

Even for consumers that are confident in their storage of media on their computer, a crash can easily occur when the system is overloaded. When a crash occurs, the only option left is usually to restore the computer from a previous safety point, which means that there's a lot that users can lose. By keeping the media on a removable device, even a system crash wouldn't eliminate the memories that they have saved until now.

The impressive part about ThePhotoStick® isn't necessarily the fact that it works for photos and videos, but it is more about the way that all of this content goes onto the device.

How to Upload Pictures Onto ThePhotoStick®

The best part about ThePhotoStick®, as mentioned in the AP News, is that consumers don't actually have to do much to make it work. There's no software that has to be downloaded, and there's no specifications that the system has to meet to upload any content. Instead, once the stick is plugged into the USB port of the computer, ThePhotoStick® gets to work.

ThePhotoStick offers technology that will go through the various files on the computer, seeking out the image files and videos found on the device. As it goes through, consumers will download the pictures exactly as they are, preventing them from sacrificing the resolution or consistency of the video. Since users don't have to worry about seeking out their own images and videos, they can simply focus on whatever other tasks that they have to perform on their computer while it works.

If users have duplicates of any of the media that they are uploading, they won't have to worry about any wasted pace, because the device will filter these copies out automatically. Users will reserve all of the space for content that is unique.

This device is compatible with any Windows or Mac operating system. Plus, it won't take that much time - just by searching through thousands of images to save, the device only takes a few minutes. The device automatically comes up with a screen that users only have to click "GO" to start the process. The total number of images and videos stored will be determined by the amount of storage that the user selects at checkout.

This smart device will have the chance to upload new content whenever it is plugged in. Users that upload to ThePhotoStick regularly can plug it in whenever they have more media to keep it updated as needed.

Buying ThePhotoStick®

Users will need to decide the size that they want to order at checkout. Users can order as many of the ThePhotoStick drives as they want, regardless of the storage space.

Choose from:

8 GB of ThePhotoStick storage: $34.99 (3,500 images and videos)

64 GB of ThePhotoStick storage: $49.99 (30,000 images and videos)

128 GB of ThePhotoStick storage: $79.99 (60,000 images and videos)

Consumers that order by the end of the day on December 14th will still be able to get this item delivered before Christmas. While the product will still be shipped out quickly right now, users that order after the 14th run the risk of not submitting their order in time.

If this device doesn't work or simply doesn't meet the user's needs, they have up to 60 days to request a refund from the creators.

Frequently Asked Questions About ThePhotoStick®

What computers have compatible systems for ThePhotoStick?

Right now, the device works with Windows and Mac operating systems that are currently available in the market. The Windows systems with the best compatibility for the automatic filtering are XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10. For Mac computers, users will need at least the 10.7 operating system.

What types of videos and images can be uploaded?

The photo and video files will only upload in the following formats: JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, TIFF, ICO, PCT, MOV, MPEG4, AVI, and WMV. Files created with Photoshop and Camera Raw will also automatically upload.

How do users start the upload by ThePhotoStick?

Users will only need to plug in ThePhotoStick to their USB drive on their computers. If it doesn't automatically pop up, users on Windows operating systems can find it in File Explorer, and they can click on ThePhotoStick and hit "Go."

For a Mac system, users will just need to click on the USB icon for ThePhotoStick. Then, they will click "Go."

Does any software from ThePhotoStick need to be downloaded first?

No. Nothing will need to be installed, and the device is already equipped with the content needed to trigger the download.

How big of a photo is used as the "average size" in the number of pictures that can be uploaded?

The creators calculated this number with the estimate that each file is about 2 MB, which is the average size of any 8 MP JPEG-formatted image. Some pictures and videos may be larger, which would reduce the total number of media files that can be downloaded onto the drive.

Is ThePhotoStick a good source of media backup?

Yes, it can be. However, since the drive only will load images and videos, consumers will need to find another option for other content.

How does the return policy for ThePhotoStick work?

The 60-day period starts on the day that the product is shipped out, rather than the day it is ordered or the day that it arrives. Users would just need to reach out to customer service to set up this return.

The customer service team can be reached by using the chat function on the support page. Users can also check the Quick Start Guide online for other technical questions, which can be found at

Final Thoughts on ThePhotoStick®

ThePhotoStick® works with almost any computer's operating system to save precious videos and images that can't be found anywhere else. The device is small and portable, making it easy to disconnect and keep safe while not in use. Plus, there is no internet connection required, so users won't have to worry about the possibility of getting hacked or corrupting content. Users can order dozens of these drives at checkout, though the larger storage space will offer the best value.

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