2020 is coming to an end in less than two weeks and gaming surely took over most households while lockdown restrictions were enforced in most parts of the world, traversing the path of different types of gaming. PC gaming is one of the most popular platforms, with several peripherals contributing to the overall gaming experience, particularly, gaming mice from trusted companies.

Gaming has been a massive part of the global culture as it has been a lifestyle by almost everyone in the current generation, now evolving as a sport and recreational activity, aside from being a hobby. 

The basic parts of the computer have been transformed and upgraded with its gaming counterparts, with keyboards and mice receiving specially-made models for gaming purposes alone. Companies including RazerSteel SeriesCorsairLogitech, and so forth, have stepped up the lowly mouse as a million-dollar global enterprise. 

This 2020 has been centered mostly on gaming and entertainment because of the emergence of COVID-19, presenting the world with a deadly pandemic that restricts social gathering and human interactions. Whether you have locked on to a device or looking for recommendations, it is due time to upgrade your gaming mice and look into the list of 2020's best. 

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2020's Top 5 Gaming Mice

Razer Viper

Razer's Viper mouse is one of the most preferred gaming mice in competitions and home uses as it provides overall comfort and feels. The Viper is one of the top-performing mice in the industry, with a 16,000 DPI Optical Sensor and eight programmable buttons. Razer offers the Viper in three different colors, Classic Black, Mercury White, and Quartz Pink.

Price: $79.99

Holiday Sale Price: $39.99 (save $40)

Check out Razer Viper on Amazon.

Steel Series Rival 710

Steel Series is also one of the top competitors in terms of gaming peripherals including keyboards, headsets, and mice. The Rival 710 is a balance of everything that is needed in a gaming mouse-performance, quality, ergonomics, weight, and size. However, this is the most expensive mice on this list because of technology, the all-digital sensor perfect for next-generation gaming. 

Price: $96.99

Check out Steel Series Rival 710 on Amazon.

Logitech G502 Hero

Logitech is arguably one of the world's most distinctive computer gaming brands and accessories in the world, with the Logitech G502 Hero leading the company's gaming accessory for overall performance. The G502 Hero is for bigger hands and a weighty mouse gaming experience. 

Price: $79.99

Holiday Sale Price: $39.99 (save $40)

Check out Logitech G502 Hero on Amazon.

Corsair Iron Claw RGB

Who says wireless cannot be for gaming? Corsair holds several of the most impressive sub-1ms latency gaming mice in the industry today. The Iron Claw RGB combines ergonomics, comfort, premium-feels, and wireless technology in one. 

Price: $48.99

Check out Corsair Iron Claw RGB on Corsair.

Steel Series Sensei Ten

Left-handed does not mean that you need to sacrifice your dominant hand for gaming with Steel Series Sensei Ten's ambidextrous setup. The 18,000 DPI and 8-programmable button layout, with mechanical switches is the best peripherals for that specific need.

Price: $69.00

Check out Steel Series Sensei Ten on Amazon.

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