David Abehsera Shares New Marketing Solutions For the Tech Industry In 2021 And Beyond
(Photo : David Abehsera Shares New Marketing Solutions For the Tech Industry In 2021 And Beyond)

As we attempt to recover from the collective whiplash of the past year, many set their hopes on industries' ability to adapt rapidly. With marketing, a changing media landscape has long been shaking things up, but the accelerated pace of last year's shifts demands even further flexibility. 

While global restrictions in work, travel, and regulations have stymied production and ad campaigns, the talented and skilled pool their cooperation and manage to thrive. So is the case with Noovel, David Abehsera's new project-based venture that promises a fresh approach to a dramatically evolving digital marketing scene. 

A bit about David Abehsera first

David is a well established marketing professional and enthusiast who has spent decades innovating and implementing marketing strategies for some of the largest companies in the world.

At Woo, the former agency he Co-Founded, David spent over 20 years launching clients from small regional players to global contenders. Some of the tech companies he worked with include Lenovo, Samsung, LG, Bosch, Intel, Microsoft, Motorola, DJI, AMD, Cisco, and many more. 

Armed with massive experience and extensive connections, David has launched Noovel, an indispensable service for both fortune 100 companies and startups alike. 

Noovel's departure from the old guard 

The biggest players and major holding companies are well aware that rapid output is the best method of supporting their clients' success, but the very nature of their models may prevent this. Industry giants assumed that hoarding agencies, PR firms, and media-buying  companies would earn them not only billions in revenue, but also provide a huge network of in-house efficiency. 

But, as David Abehsera argues, their bloated nature makes them disjointed and less nimble. Creative teams move more slowly, constantly needing approval from higher ups and competing with other entities in the company. There's little incentive for full honesty as, say, global media and brand agencies keep prized information secret to advance themselves. 

This is where Noovel steps in. Rather than company-focused, Noovel is project-centered: by assembling teams based on the goal at hand, these are professionals, advisors and partnered agencies that possess similar passions and a desire to cooperate --and so they're able to work far more cohesively and rapidly. 

More about Noovel

With access to a global supply of some of his favorite consultants, professionals, and partnered agencies, David has positioned Noovel as an up and coming solution to the new marketing arena. This means that not only does Noovel have the ability to function as a fully integrated marketing agency, but it can also effectively outsource all important positions with the best professionals in the business. 

Many companies have recently had the misfortune of needing to let go of talent and entire teams. Overworked and understaffed, their budgets don't account for their dire marketing needs. Noovel solves for this by providing teams to fill internal roles and by outsourcing external ones to replace their marketing partners as well. Even more impressively, David has managed to cull a notable pool of C-Suite Executives -- CMOs CEOs and CFOs -- who are interested in partnering as consultants and advisors. 

This flexible, and fully integrated model means there's no need to let any situation --Covid included-- put ambitious ad campaigns on hold. Flying is unnecessary when you have global access to consultants, professionals and production partners who can shoot, edit, and cooperate on a dime's notice. Not to mention, costs are slashed when broad intellectual cooperation supersedes a physical one.

But what is unique about David's model is that he focuses as much on the quality of creative as he does on the media vehicles and the data and analytics that inform them. With him at the helm of Noovel, he ensures that all teams truly work together towards the goal of driving the strongest results.

Leveraging Connections and Innovative Players

It's one thing to comment on this impressive network of talent, and another to describe just what is being offered. 

Take David's history with event planners: a veteran of multiple international trade shows, he organized events and activations at CES and SXSW for giants like Lenovo and Microsoft. With access to these partners, he's up to date on the most advanced solutions in the event sector, such as technologies that provide virtual event experiences.

Another valuable resource involves Omni Channel specialists. Covid has obviously hastened the demise of the brick and mortar, but many retailers and consumers still crave the real-world shopping experience in all its usefulness. Omni channel solutions are a major asset in helping us navigate the entire online retail experience from A to Z, but they also plan to innovate newer and cooler solutions for the future beyond Covid, conceiving of clever ways to get people to try on clothes, technology, and more without having to wait in lines. Working with Noovel means access to these specialists, and to a more sophisticated, fun retail experience. 

Noovel & The Celeb Connect 

Having worked with some of the biggest celebrities in the world (some eye-popping examples include Kobe Bryant and Ashton Kutcher), David showcases Noovel's vision: to partner with celebrities, rather than hire. In other words, celebrities need not be used as mere endorsers, but also as part of the creative team involved in the various brands. Today, even actors, and especially musicians, are doing less of their main creative gigs. Noovel provides ample space for celebrity talent to work. 

The startup angle

Part of the cooperative, project-based model involves access to the right VC capital partners aligned with the company's vision. Rather than simply sourcing funding, Noovel incorporates VC's into its network. The idea is that the client's success should not be fragmented along different lines and metrics; this should all work together cohesively. 

Current Challenges and the future of programmatic advertising

This past year's threats have been medical, political and emotional; we have yet to see the full breadth of economic impact. One clear difficulty ahead for marketers lies in the change of rules about cookies and targeted ads. 

Noovel is equipped with all the tools to navigate these issues and leverage programmatic marketing techniques drawn from the blueprinted methods of Noovel's vast network.

The business world's future will be defined by the unique solutions that defy conventional patterns and grab the user's attention and interest. Noovel offers an alternative to long term contracts and creative quagmires that hold companies back. 

CES 2021

If you are launching a new product in 2021 and are concerned with what is the best approach to take, the person you need to meet this CES is David Abehsera, the Founder of Noovel

And since CES is a virtual event this year, there's no reason why you can't get on David's calendar. 

Visit Noovel.co to learn more about the company or connect with David via Linkedin at https://www.linkedin.com/in/davidabehsera/

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