10 Best Background Check Sites
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While ensuring any business deal or looking after a spouse, people often think twice or more about their background or if they are making the right decision. Moreover, if you get an unknown call, you would first think if he is a fraud or he actually belongs to a genuine background. In any ambiguity related to people's identification, people can instantly clear their doubts with a background check site.

With the help of the best background check site, we can identify the background of the target, including his criminal records, employment history, and education record. Here, we have listed some best background check websites along with their specifications.

And here are the top 4 recommendations.

  • TruthFinder - Find out the criminal record of your target with Truthfinder

  • CocoFinder - Try free background check with CocoFinder

  • Intelius - Find out the background of scam caller (100% works)

  • Instant checkmate -  Check your target's criminal history with Instant checkmate

Part 1: TruthFinder

TruthFinder is a background check website that performs many functions, including People search, reverse phone lookup, dark web scan, and background check. People search, the software searches the details of the target by requiring his first name, last name, and the state he lives in.

TruthFinder is a search lookup that is attached to numerous databases and public searches. Hence, it always finds out accurate and maximum results for one single search and pulls out hundreds of people with matching names.

10 Best Background Check Sites

The people search engine finds out maximum details by the target's name, phone number, or address. The information includes the target's full name, his relatives, friends, alternative phone numbers, email addresses, criminal records, and financial state.

The background check specifically includes the Felony offense, misdemeanor offense, traffic court records, nearby sex offenders, or court information. Criminal records include all the criminal offenses a person may have been convicted of or charged with, including felonies, personal information, pending charges, and court details.

Further, a background report can pull off a person's family members, friends, exes, roommates, business associates, friends, and educational institutes. Moreover, a phone lookup service can find out their full name, people associated with the provided number, social media profiles, history, email addresses, and locations.

Check out your target's criminal background with Truthfinder

Part 2: CocoFinder

CocoFinder is another which finds out target information with his name, phone number, or address. The information contains important details such as the target's background, which includes his criminal records, sex offending history, court proceedings, and affectionate relatives.

The important background information contains the address history of the target person, criminal misdemeanor, public registry of public offenses, and list of civil records. Moreover, background screenings can include educational checks, employment history, references, and basically, the target's complete history and background.

The application also performs address lookup service, which contains information about the house owner, people living there or who have been lived, and information on the property itself. The information on past/current tenants include their full name, phone numbers, social media profiles, relatives and known contacts, former addresses, and criminal records.

10 Best Background Check Sites

The address lookup can also identify the details of people living in that address's neighborhood. The data includes the value of homes around, demographic information, the average income in the area, and sex offenders registered in the neighborhood.

The reverse phone lookup service includes a person's identity, such as his name, age, date of birth, and alternative phone numbers. The users can also find out the target's acquaintances, his home address, background details, and email addresses. The background check provides the facility with a complete history of the target's life.

Find the real identity of an unknown caller (100% works)

Part 3. Intelius

Intelius is a lookup service that provides details of the target through his name, phone number, and address. The application can provide the background details of the target, such as his employment history, financial background, his bank loans, financial dues, and educational institutes. The application can also provide the details of court records, criminal records, and sex offending history.

10 Best Background Check Sites

It has a reverse phone lookup service that provides a business history of the target and his educational history. If the target has any business associated with his number, the application will provide the business details to users. If the target has any criminal history or registration as a sex offender, the software also displays it.

The search by name lookup provides the identity of the target by requiring his name. It provides the identity of the target, including his name, phone numbers, relatives, and social media profiles. When the user initiates a background check on the target, the application will make a report of marriage history, divorce history, lawsuits, or criminal data of the target.

The address lookup service accesses the tenants' record present on the specific address. It also gives the details of sex offenders registered around the given address. The address lookup provides the name, age, and background history of people present at the address.

Try a quick background check with Intelius

Part 4. Instant checkmate

Instant checkmate lets people find their target's information based on just their name, city, and state of the target. The service provides accurate data and offers a wide range of information, including contact details and criminal records.

The application provides detailed information about the target, his identities such as full name, country, relatives, and alternative phone numbers. The software also accesses the email address of the target and his social media profiles. It also finds about sex offenders, court records, felony crimes, bankruptcies, online sites, and employment history.

10 Best Background Check Sites

With the assistance of this software, one can find the financial loans taken by the target, his financial pending dues, his estimated income, and net income. The application does cast a wide net and includes information about properties, past and current addresses, marriages, family members, bankruptcies, and registration on dating sites.

The background information of the target includes his criminal records, his court records, job histories, email addresses, date of birth, location, social media profiles of the target. If he has any registration as a sex offender, the application provides its details to the user. Instant checkmate shows the census data and social media profiles linked with the target.

Instant checkmate is connected with databases and numerous public searches, and hence, it instantly tends to provide accurate data and pulls off maximum relevant people.

Check your target's financial debits and bankruptcies

Part 5: ZabaSearch

ZabaSearch is a people search and public information site. It offers several features like White Pages, Reverse Phone Lookup, Free Search Menu, and Advanced People Search. However, it does not provide the user report.

White Pages Search finds out the information about a person so that you can upgrade to a paid full background report. It contains detailed information, criminal record, divorce, marriage history, or bankruptcies. Hence, it is a free search that provides you the full name, age, address, and phone number of a person.

ZabaSearch has the reverse phone lookup that discovers detailed information like name, age, and address. You can also get someone's full background report that may contain social media profiles, criminal and arrest records, marriage and divorce records, etc.

Further, a background report can be generated with the help of Advanced People Search that gives you a name, address, and a person's phone number.

It has Free People Search, in which the software searches for the geographical data about a target person, social media information, criminal records, and sex-offending history. If the target has any business associated with his phone number, the application would also provide his business details.

Part 6: US Search

US Search provides the information of the target as it is connected with public searches and databases of the US. So it provides accurate and detailed information of the target through its searches. The data pulled-off according to the given information is vast, but this software only works in the US and does not give any advantage except for the US.

By searching a person by name, the application provides his full identity such as name, phone number, address history, household members, home values, and background of target. When a user provides the software with the target's phone number, it informs the owner's name, his address, social media accounts, employment history, and financial dues.

10 Best Background Check Sites

The background check of the target provides instant details of the target's court records, criminal data, financial state, job history, sex offending history, and social media profiles. If the related person has alternative phone numbers or email addresses, the app will show it to users as well.

Part 7: Zlookup

Zlookup is a background check that provides information about the target by his name or phone number. If the target has any association with crime, drug-dealing, or business organization, the application identifies it and displays it.

The software provides the identity of the target, such as his full name, his friends and family, education, business, employment history, and phone numbers. Zlookup also accesses the social media profiles and email addresses of the target person.

10 Best Background Check Sites

It provides information through the search by name and phone number lookup. In both approaches, the software requires the user to enter the name or phone number of the target, and then it pulls-off maximum details of the target.

In case any scammer or unknown person is disturbing or asking for personal data, the user can put his details and access the background details of the target. The technology can provide frequent details of a person's business, income, and financial dues.

Part 8: Nuwber

Nuwber is a background check service that provides information by name, phone number, and email address. The application provides the target's information, such as his name, email address, age, and social media profiles.

The application provides the criminal history of the target and business details along with financial dues. This application has a dissatisfactory user list because it misses providing accurate results. However, the application claims to provide the social media profiles of the target linked with his phone number. It also gives the full identity of the target.

If the target has any sex offending history, the application also displays it. The software is interlinked with public searches; that is why it misses providing accurate details. The application only provides the details present publically.

If you want to access the target's details, you can access it by typing his name in the bar, and the software would pull his publically available details.

Part 9: Spokeo

Spokeo is a background check which provides information to the job seekers before applying for a job. It helps the consumers to correct their information and inaccuracies. It helps them to take a deeper look at their history and background before they apply for any job.

The application also offers a criminal background check for the job seekers so that they can check their eligibility for the job. It is a free service for them to see if they qualify for the reduction or dismissal.  The application gets a record of the target by connection to federal databases. Hence, it gives a free background check to its clients.

The background check includes SSN trace, Sex offender search, and global watch list search, national and country criminal search. It displays the criminal record during background checks with a variety of authentic sources.

It provides the details by sharing a public profile. And that public profile would contain the user's details such as crimes and sex offending history.

Part 10: SpyFly

SpyFly is a background and public search service which is linked with a variety of databases and provides up-to-date and authentic information. It provides unlimited searches and reports that include the identity of the target, such as his full name, age, location, date of birth, and relatives.

The application provides the criminal record and financial dues of the target. If he has any business associated with his phone number, the software also accesses its details. In case of any driving license and political affiliation of the target, the application also shows it.

For this, it requires the name of the target and his living state and then pulls-off results by using public searches. One can view information about his target's employment history and financial loans taken by the bank.

The application grants complete life details of the target, such as his financial career, political association, bankruptcies, warrants, and arrests. It also provides the residential history and email addresses of the target.


The article has pulled-off basic information and offerings of the 10 best background check sites. The article concludes with details of background check services, mainly Truthfinder, CocoFinder, Instant checkmate, and Intelius. The applications provide details of the target, such as his complete name, age, job history, financial detail, and crime reports.

If you are looking for a cheap and easy-to-use lookup site to check your new business partner or spouse, you can check it by providing their name, phone number, or address. After this, the software would draw the background conclusion from authentic sites with accuracy.

Anyone looking for credible and unbiased information about lookup services would surely be privileged from this article.

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