As studies show that it is possible to contract coronavirus by touching an object or surface with the virus on, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention urged people to always disinfect surfaces and follow other hygiene practices and social distancing.

When the COVID-19 pandemic broke out in 2020, health officials recommended proper cleaning of hands and personal items like smartphones, headphones, and even money! They suggest having alcohols, sanitizers or cleaning wipes whenever they go out, which ultimately led to consumers raging the halls of supermarkets to hoard these items.

Clorox Wipes Back in Stock Finally! Where to Buy These Cleaning Sheets Online
(Photo : Clorox)
Clorox Wipes Back in Stock Finally! Where to Buy These Cleaning Sheets Online

Among the first that went out of stock is the Clorox Wipes, which was reported to remain low in stocks until mid-2021. This was due to manufacturers were surprised and caught unprepared for soaring demand brought by coronavirus.

Clorox Wipes Back in Stock Finally!

With the ongoing pandemic, people usually go out of their homes with sanitizers or alcohol while those who do not want their hands or personal items wet such as smartphones and other gadgets use these sheets to keep themselves clean and safe from the virus. These are also perfect for cleaning the railings or doorknobs before touching them.

Clorox wipes is among the most useful cleaning products that really helped in our fight against germs and viruses, including the deadly coronavirus. As an essential item in time of a health crisis, supermarkets had low up to no stocks of Clorox Wipes since March 2020. Since then, authorities even put limitations on the Clorox wipes and other items each customer can buy.

Well, fret no more as the company said they have already restocked groceries, supermarkets, and online traders with these essential cleaning sheets. According to USA Today's Reviewed, as posted by Yahoo News!, while spotting Lysol, Clorox, and other brands of cleaning wipes on shelves of supermarkets is still difficult, stocks in other online merchants like Target, Amazon, and Staples are also swindling down.

However, since Clorox wipes is really hard to find, there are still other quality brands of disinfecting wipes available online. Below is a list of where to buy Clorox online and in stores.

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Clorox Wipes: Where to buy online



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