Instagram Story Downloader. How Does It Work?
(Photo : Instagram Story Downloader. How Does It Work?)

Are you wondering about downloading Instagram stories? Of course, you want to download!

Here, I'll come up with a procedure on how you can download Instagram stories. It is relatively easy to download.

Instagram is one of the most reliable social media platforms to get in touch with everyone, no matter where you live. Although the Instagram feature of stories isn't new, new updates are the most common in Instagram.

Instagram allows you to upload your pictures and videos on your stories. Editing with different filters is available there making visible to where you want to show after publishing. It remains for 24 hours.

Instagram allows you to post pictures and video of specific sizes as per algorithm, you've to zoom or re-size them if you're having various video or photo lengths.

If you want to keep your story uploaded, you need to download avoiding to lose the hard work you've undergone to upload your stories. It has been trending to upload stories at Instagram.

Inflact story downloader helps you out to download stories on your PC or mobile phone. Using IG story downloader, you can save stories and watch them after keeping offline as it is specially designed for this purpose.

There're six steps to download Instagram stories as follow:

It would be best if you open IG profile in a different browser to proceed further.


At first, you'll have to search down the profile of which stories you want to download. Copy the name afterwards.

 Instagram Story Downloader. How Does It Work?

Stage 2

The moment you find the desired profile, you'll have to paste the name on your stories downloader page. There is a box at the top of this Instagram page where you need to paste the title of profile you've already copied.

Stage 3

You can proceed by clicking on the 'download' button present there. After pasting the profile name, you desired.

 Instagram Story Downloader. How Does It Work?

Stage 4

You'll land to all recent stories of the account you are searching for, once you're done with clicking on 'download' button. Click on the best story you want to download first after picking it.

 Instagram Story Downloader. How Does It Work?

Stage 5

It will take you to an in-depth Instagram story which you have selected to download after clicking the 'download' button under the story. Moreover, you'll see three dots under the story. Click on them to proceed further.

Stage 6

Once you clicked the three dots, you'll leave with two options.

  1. You can view the full story in full screen.
  2. You can download this story.

If you want to download, Instagram story choose the option accordingly. Click the 'download' to save it in the end. Here, you have downloaded the Instagram story. Cheers

Make sure you followed the step as mentioned above, maintaining the sequence. Missing the sequence makes it harder to download Instagram stories that you wanted to download.

 People who usually use Instagram on a mobile phone, they may confront a problem downloading Instagram stories. Here you go!

How can you download stories on the mobile phone?

Downloading the Instagram stories on mobile takes the almost same method you tend to use for PCs. There can be multiple steps to download the stories in any way. Steps are as follow:


Enter the username you want to download stories and click at the download button.


You will view all stories. Now click on the story you want to download. Press the 'download' button.


The story will start downloading when you click 'save video as..'

When you are complete with the process, the story will be saved in your mobile phone. You can watch it then!

Instagram is available for everyone who wants to take benefit of it. You can use it legally under the terms and conditions by the Instagram authority. Only you need to type the name to download stories. Various apps are there which you can use. But, it is tough to find the best Instagram story downloader.

It takes very little time to download stories and work and work accordingly. It is a free service to proceed. Stories uploaded by people may vary from daily routine sections to an event.

Sharing your activity on Instagram stories makes you let others know what you are going through currently. Uploading stories have turned up to a trend attracting non-users of Instagram.

Now here you're coming up with a question how you can use Instagram story downloader.

Steps are as follow:


Entering the Instagram username leads you to download stories in the first step.


Complete the process after clicking on the 'download' button as a second step.


Pick the best one story you want to download at first, on the toolbar.


You'll get a new tab having full story there.


Click on the download button after viewing the three dots.


You have downloaded the story successfully. Enjoy watching it.

Downloading all stuff in one go is possible via using the premium account of Instagram story downloader.

Queries of people (mostly asked questions)

Does anyone else get to know if I view and download stories?

Well, it is quite a valid question to ask to maintain your privacy. Everybody wants to stay away from others' eye while being on the social media platforms whatever they are.

Before using, it is best to read the terms and conditions of Instagram to make sure whether you're compromising on your privacy or not. As far as Instagram is concerned, it keeps you safe by protecting hiding your identity. Additionally, it is 100% secured while downloading or viewing someone else's story as other people cannot know about your activity on Instagram until you reveal yourself.

Can I download Instagram stories free of cost?

Downloading Instagram stories doesn't cost any penny to download and keep them save into your PC or mobile phone. However, as far as downloading all the stuff simultaneously is concerned you might go with premium Instagram story downloader, e.g. IG story downloader.

Is it legal to download Instagram content?

You need not worry at all as Instagram algorithm allows to download and store stuff whatever you want. It's legal to use Instagram data personally as it meant to facilitate the public.

Where the downloaded videos and pictures are stored in my PC?

It may sound awkward, but yes, people may come up with this question. When you download any stuff, it is saved in the 'Downloads' folder. As per strong recommendation, we'd like you to use (Ctrl+J) for windows. Or go to the download section and open it to view what you have downloaded before to view offline, i.e. pictures and videos.

Where can I see my download-list on my mobile phone? Does it take too long to search?

Not at all, it doesn't take any longer to view your downloaded data as the automated system of your mobile phone saves all of your downloaded data in the gallery. Instantly, you can watch it after downloading it.

What would you suggest to view Instagram stories secretly?

You can freely and anonymously watch the Instagram stories pasting the links to any account to view recently uploaded stories along with highlights. It maintains your privacy as people be careful in revealing their activities on social media platforms.

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