Gloria Kloter, An Award-winning Architect and Interior Designer, Shares Pearls of Wisdom for Success
(Photo : Gloria Kloter, An Award-winning Architect and Interior Designer, Shares Pearls of Wisdom for Success)

Gloria Kloter, AIA, NCARB, CODIA is a registered Architect originally from the Dominican Republic. She moved to the US in 2015, when she married her husband and she thought she would be able to continue her architecture business here in the states. However, that was not the case, as her architect license was not valid here and for that reason, she could not offer architectural services on her own or even call herself an architect anymore, as the Architect title has legal implications in this country. 

This situation was quite discouraging. This happens to most foreign architects that come to live in the US, but instead of giving up on her career, she started the process to transfer her architect license from the Dominican Republic to Florida, where she currently lives. 

Since she did not have the right guidance during the early stages of the process, she lost a lot of money and time. However, after a couple of trial and errors, she was able to figure it out and got her education and experience approved which made her ready to take the Architect Registration Exams (ARE). After a grueling three-year process, she passed them all and achieved her licensure in Florida. 

The struggles she faced during her journey to get licensed in the US, made her realize that she wanted to help other immigrant architects and provide guidance to them. She founded the Foreign Architects group where she mentors other immigrant Architects like herself in their licensing process. 

After a few years of working with local architecture firms she became a new mother and soon after she launched her own company Glow Architects. Finding balance between Architecture and Motherhood became challenging. She quickly realized that creating a schedule would help her manage her priorities. A solid morning routine that includes finding a quiet space to focus has allowed her to find balance.

Apart from that, she advises entrepreneurs and business owners to focus on their strengths and find ways to delegate the parts where they feel they have weaknesses. Having a sense of self-awareness allows you to create the best environment around you that results in a higher level of productivity. 

Furthermore, she recommends writing down a to-do list that supports your goals of that day. Starting each day with your top 3 priorities helps you by focusing on what's most important and limits the distractions that can take you off course.

As an archi-mom Gloria wants to remind women with children to give themselves grace, as being a mother is a full-time job, let alone doing it while running a successful business. "We women are so amazing and capable, but sometimes we can be too hard on ourselves. No one is better than a mom at multitasking, and no one is a better mom for your baby than you", says Gloria. 

Gloria's story has made an impact on people inside and outside of the architecture industry. She continues to inspire immigrants' architects who want to transfer their profession to the US.

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