Black Ops Cold War Zombies Gameplay Guide
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An avid gamer? You couldn't have missed Black Ops Cold War Zombies. It is a first-player survival mode game with a back-story of zombies. There have been many zombie-related releases of Call of Duty, but Balck Ops Cold War Zombies is a step ahead of them all. 

No matter how good you play, you can't survive Zombies without some cool tips and tricks in your bag. So here we are, with our Black Ops Cold War Zombies gameplay guide, to help you breeze through this exciting game:-

1. Pre-decide loadout

Unlike, previous zombie version of Call of Duty, Black Ops Cold War Zombies gives you an option to decide your loadout. You don't have to face the first wave with a pistol anymore. You can choose from any of your unlocked weapons to start.

Look at field upgrades as well. These field upgrades are specific to zombies mode and add an extra advantage. As there are many field upgrades, choosing the right one for your playstyle is crucial.  

2. Turn on the power

In Black Ops Cold War, you will be attacked by a plethora of strong zombies. You can survive only a little if you don't have any way to upgrade your weapons. Turning on the power is the first step in that direction. 

The power mode is present in the underground facility and, you need to cross many doors to reach there. Every door opening requires essence. As essence is a crucial part of the game, your team should plan judiciously to spend it. Each player should spend the essence so that no one person is spending all of it. If one person spends all of it, then he is at a disadvantage when he needs to upgrade his weapons at the end of the game. 

Luckily, Zombies maps have marked objectives to reach the power button. Turning on the power button is the first step to take a Pack-a-Punch machine.

3. Punch-a-pack machine

After turning on the power, you need to play two different locations known as "portal." After that you have completed your portal objectives, you will move to an area where you can get a machine part. Collect this machine part and deliver it to the central machine to unlock a "punch-a-pack" machine. 

The punch-a-pack machine opens a whole new world of weapons for the players. A punch-a-pack machine allows you to upgrade your current weapons to fight it out with dangerous zombies. However, using the punch-a-pack machine can be tricky at times. Every upgrade in the punch-a-pack machine costs essence and, that's where using essence judiciously plays a part. The higher you upgrade, the more damage your weapon does and more essence it needs. 

Upgrading your weapon as soon as you get your punch-a-pack machine is crucial. If you get late, then there are high chances that strong zombies take you on charge and make it difficult for you. 

4. Crafting table and mystery box

Black Ops Cold War Zombies has a plethora of places to earn some power. Crafting table and mystery box are a few of them. Collect items from the crafting table and mystery box to upgrade your weapon list. 

Crafting table gives you handy things like Chopper Gunner and self reviving ability. These tools help you get an edge moving ahead in the game, especially when you will be fighting in later rounds. The best part of the Crafting table is that the items don't need power. 

The mystery box keeps on regularly flashing in the game. It gives you a random weapon in exchange for your current weapon. Sometimes, these weapons may be of the lower tier, but mostly they are of the upgraded tier. Players tend to resist themselves to take a gamble, but as you move to higher levels, chances of a better weapon also get higher.

5. Perks and Arsenal Upgrades

Black Ops Cold War Zombies is a tough nut to crack. You should always be looking for more and more resources to get yourself in a better position. Perks and Aresinal upgrades are few such ways. 

Perks are the special upgrades that provide you with different powers to exercise. Some most crucial perks are Jugger-Nog and Speed Cola. Jugger Nig increases your health by 50 points, and Speed Cola increases reload speed by 25%. There are different other perks that you can use, but the more perks you buy, the more expensive the remaining will become. So you must but some essential one first.

Arsenal Upgrades are a special way to upgrade your weapons independent of a Puch-a-pack machine. You can go to the underground area and upgrade the rarity of your weapon. The more you upgrade, the rarer your weapon becomes and the higher damage it will have.

Following this guide can help you become a good player in the Black Ops Cold War Zombies. For more such cold war hacks visit us. Leave us a comment for any feedback.

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