Home safety and security has never been made easier with the use of Driveway alarms. Driveway alarms are used as devices to detect any probable intruder or unexpected visitor. It works by detecting people, objects, or vehicles that enter your area of property through the driveway.

 Five Best Driveway Alarms to Guard Your House this 2021
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Home owners can easily be alerted by alarming or by enabling other connected alarms such as a burglar alarm. It may also trigger a security camera to catch the footage of the upcoming visitor. However, finding the right driveway alarm for your property may be a bit confusing especially since there are a wide range of options available in the market. In this article, we give you a glimpse of a few of the best device alarm systems this 2021 as reviewed by Gadgets Reviews.

What are the factors to Consider when Buying Driveway Alarms?

There are a few factors to look into before deciding to purchase a Driveway alarm

1. Your Terrain Area

Most driveway alarms work in wireless mode. Although this can be a very convenient option, their performance may be compromised when there are huge trees and plants that my block the signal from the transmitter. As a result, it may send poor signals back to the receiver. Make sure to consider choosing a mounting area cleared from blockers and buy an alarm that can bypass vital blockages.

2. Distance from Your Driveway to the Receiver

Measure the distance between the driveway that you want to detect and your house. Once you have an idea how far the distance is, consider buying a product that can have this much coverage. On average, most alarms can reach up to 0.5 miles.

3. Sensor Type and Quality

According to SafeWise,  some users may easily want to opt for a cheaper option. However, it may compromise the sensor type. The cheapest one has the passive infrared sensor, which may detect all types of movement including those that you don't need to detect such as plants moving that are blown by the wind.

Here are the best driveway alarms that may suit your needs this 2021:

1. Guardline Driveway Alarm

The Guardline Driveway can be an easy first option since it has one of the widest array of options for customization. Thus, it can suit people's different needs. You may also find the device optimal for almost any kind of environment. Moreover, its adjustable features can offer a great bang for your money.

Guardline Driveway Alarm
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The detection width on the lens located at the transmitter can be adjusted and positioned according to your focus and specific area points. The device can also be expanded based on your needs. For instance, you may expand up to 16 transmitters in order to better source your property for any intruders. It has a wide range of 500 feet for better coverage. More importantly, it is user-friendly and quick to install.


According to some reviews, the housing transmitter may not be durable enough. Moreover, the 16 transmitters sometimes find it a bit challenging to sync and can be too sensitive which can sense unwanted targets.

2. Chamberlain Driveway Alarm System

This driveway alarm system from Chamberlain just like the first product, is flexible due to its expansive capabilities. It can house additional transmitters with sensors that have a 30-feet reach when detecting motion. Moreover, the sensitivity can also be adjusted which makes it more ideal for precise targeting when sensing the driveway.

Chamberlain Driveway Alarm System
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Another great function that the Chamberlain Driveway Alarm System has is that it can have different sound light patterns to different distinct sensors. These different alarms can signify which sensor was triggered through the transmitters. Moreover, the driveway alarm has a durable and weatherproof structure so you don't have to worry about weather changes. It has a decent reach which can detect signals from up to a ½-mile distance from the transmitter.


The downside is that although it may be added with multiple sensors, only four sensors may be paired at a time. Moreover, even with its weather-proof design, there are still a few reports that claim it may be affected with very intense climates such as too hot or too cold temperatures.

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3. Dakota Driveway Alarm System

The Dakota Driveway alarm system is one of the few alarms that utilizes a magnetic probe instead of using an infrared sensor. This alarm can detect targets that has a range of about 2,500 feet. However, unlike other alarms, this is specific to a vehicle and not to people or animals.

Dakota Driveway Alarm System
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The alarm can be great for first-time users since it has a very easy DIY installation setup. The device is uncomplicated and has a wide range  as compared to other alarms. Moreover, the device can be expanded and can cater about four transmitters. You can position the probe in a mount position of about 50 feet away from the transmitter. Moreover, it can survive weather conditions since it is supposed to be buried directly underneath the ground.


On the downside, the batteries for these alarms are a bit hard to find. The CR-123A batteries can also be a bit expensive. Moreover, having high iron content may not be the best place to bury the alarm since it may intervene with the function.

4. HTZSAFE Solar Driveway Alarm System

This device ditches transmitter batteries and utilizes a more earth-friendly solar panel and rechargeable lithium battery instead. The HTZSAFE Solar Driveway Alarm System has the batteries built-in on the alarm's transmitter already.  If you want to opt not to use the solar panel, a 12V power transmitter is an available option for use.

HTZSAFE Solar Driveway Alarm System
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The alarm has a wide detection range which covers about 50 feet. Moreover, the transmitter has a decent capacity to send the signals within a ½ mile reach. Moreover, it can house up to 32 sensors which can be used at the same time as the transmitter

sends signals to the receiver. The most obvious advantage is that its solar panels can give you a more sustainable option for using an alarm.


Some users report that the option to use lithium battery is not very reliable since there can be instances when it does not work. Moreover, although the solar panel may be a great choice, it can be challenging to conceal the alarm.

5. Skylink Long Range Driveway Alarm

This long range driveway from Sky link has a great range and is also very flexible. It is capable of detecting the nature of motion and can be compatible in connecting with other types of sensors. This can be used to trigger other sensors such as window, garage, and water leak sensors.

Skylink Long Range Driveway Alarm
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An advantage that this Sky link alarm has over others is its ear-piercing 95-decibel alarm. This feature allows the alarm to have the capacity to wakeup sleeping home owners or cause the necessary panic that should be created when an intruder is sensed. It also has an 800-feet range which is wide enough. With its flexible capabilities, it can be suitable for many users. The alarm can also be used with 16 sensors at the same time.


Issues involving sensor syncing may also arise with this device. Moreover, there are no backup power options that may support the device when it runs out of power. Some users also note that the receiver may have poor receptive capabilities when sourcing signal from transmitters.

These driveway alarms should aim to provide the necessary security and safety for your home or for your business. In the end, it's best to have peace of mind with your establishment especially when you're confident about your alarm system. Choosing the best device depending on your needs may be the best way to secure the best driveway alarm that you can depend on.

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