VerseBooks - A Way for Safe Licensing and Transactions of Music Industry!
(Photo : VerseBooks - A Way for Safe Licensing and Transactions of Music Industry!)

Almost everyone has got some taste in music which boosts up the energy in life. But don't you ever think of the process of how all this music is licensed, registered, or approved by the authorities? Previously, long hefty communications and transactions were done to produce verses, hooks, choruses, and freestyles of master recordings. All the writers and singers were supposed to go through the lengthy formalities for licensing their music albums.

But now everything has been resolved because of the Blockchain technology. If you want to acquire or sell any intellectual property in the music industry, you can carry out the process within few clicks. How? Many apps have been introduced, which play the leading role to bring easiness for transactions and selling the music licensing.

And You Know What?

Being the music industry's tycoons, Ryan Larry and Delence Sheares Sr. introduced the first social marketplace in the industry, which was meant to bring transparency in the community of music listeners. This social marketplace is rephrased as "VerseBooks," whose goal is to acquire, manage and monetize the music industry's intellectual properties.

An Interesting Addition to the Music Marketplace

The basic idea behind introducing VerseBooks to the music industry was to enable the artists to collaborate, license, and manage all the rights of publishing their music. This app allows them to perform all these formalities without being indulged in the blues of authorities. You can do every step of the process on your own.

What You'll Get from VerseBooks?

By making the most of Blockchain technology and Cryptocurrency, VerseBooks   evolved a traditional setback to the music industry. With a never-ending range of the opportunities it has provided, it became the center of the musical activities.

Let's have a look at what you'll get from this app.

1.     Composition of Lyrics

One of the most replenishing opportunities VerseBooks offers is to compose the lyrics by using the virtual VerseBook feature which essentially has created a virtual version of the old outdated paper notebook. There's no need to worry about your songs and lyrics' privacy since it gives you a chance to keep all your songs in a convenient and secure place.

2.     Licensing of Music Compositions

Revenues of the music aren't possible without licensing of the music compositions. But now, this problem has also been resolved. You can use VerseBooks to license up it music compositions including verses, lyrics, audio verses, hooks and more on an exclusive or non-exclusive term.

3.     Blockchain Registration

Another amazing thing to talk about this app is the opportunity to register all the lyrics and compositions of music on Blockchain. This will make all the transactions and selling of intellectual music property more transparent.

4.     Collaborations

With VerseBooks' premium feature, you can avail the chance of collaborating in the creation of music compositions. Not only this, but you can also collaborate in the licensing of lyrics of your songs.

5.     VerseCoin (VSC)

The Story of the excellence of VerseBooks doesn't end here. It gives the users an ultimate chance to earn by using the VerseCoin (VSC), an ERC-20 Cryptocurrency.

After knowing this much about this useful innovation in music technology, we're quite sure that you're quite anxious to try it out. So leave everything behind and get ready to license and register your music with VerseBooks by downloading the app today. You can Pre register at

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