With Empathy and Understanding, David Fichman at 22 Has Grown as an Entrepreneur, Impacting People's Lives for the Better
(Photo : With Empathy and Understanding, David Fichman at 22 Has Grown as an Entrepreneur, Impacting People's Lives for the Better)

With empathy and understanding, David Fichman at 22 has grown as an entrepreneur, impacting people's lives for the better

This young entrepreneur lays out a few simple ways people can find happiness within themselves.

All around us we see so many young entrepreneurs and professionals who have proved that age is just a number and when one works with a clear vision in mind, no odds can ever be big enough to pose as a hindrance in their ways. David Fichman's name tops the list of such young entrepreneurs from Australia, who today at only 22 years of age has not only gained a prominent position in the business world but most importantly has made a prominent impact on people's lives and earned their respect. He is the founder of 'Bootcamp', a place that is all for the people who are finding their purpose in life and who need solace in being heard and understood.

David Fichman had a normal childhood, growing up in Melbourne, Australia and studying in one of the top schools in the state. However, this young boy was unlike others his age and his heart always sought something else. Although making a tough decision, after graduating from high school, he secured a job under one of the top real estate agents. He left the job feeling unfulfilled with his life and its purpose and landed in Cyprus to build his own media company.

Building his company and hiring employees, David Fichman realized how he loved to teach and help people. This ignited the fire in him and he went ahead to leave his business and start 'Bootcamp'. This is a one of a kind place that changes the meaning of life for the better for people and helps them in their various social and psychological issues, by addressing them in the open, without getting any judgemental.

Below, David Fichman lays out a few simple ways; people can find happiness within themselves.

  • Hold on to the values: What one feels is fair and true and what they believe in are what values are. When people honour these values, David Fichman says they will feel better about themselves and the ones they love.
  • Imagine the best: One must leave behind the fears that hold them back, says David Fichman. People must always imagine the best, look for things that they really want and also see themselves getting it.
  • Find the purpose: David Fichman serves as the best example of a professional and human being, who found his purpose in helping others and that's what earned him great respect and recognition even at just 22. The entrepreneur says that people must find the purpose in their lives and become a part of the greater change in the world.

David Fichman says that Bootcamp helps people realize that happiness and fulfillment are within people's grasp. With Bootcamp, he has been helping people solve issues of gambling, depression, family issues, and so much more. He also helps people get nearer their visions in business.

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