How PR Agencies Are Helping Brands Expand Their Presence and Authority in 2021
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2020 saw a global pandemic that upended virtually every major industry. It has led to a digital migration of businesses that figured out how to continue their success in the digital world. It also led to new businesses forming that would be entirely online based. With so many individuals and businesses now looking to grow their brands online, there is a large demand for services that can help speed up the process. After all, going at it alone can take years to establish a major online presence.

PR agencies figured out a way to help people drastically cut down on the amount of time it takes to establish a large social media presence and following. They have found that by leveraging the power of social media and online news publications, it is possible to significantly accelerate an otherwise long and drawn-out process.

PR agencies have extensive experience and expertise when it comes to increasing brand awareness and authority. Helping brands succeed with greater notoriety is something that has helped numerous brands already and continues to be done every day. Everyone from solo entrepreneurs to multi-million-dollar companies has benefited from these kinds of services.

Most businesses and influencers lack the experience that is necessary to grow a massive following on social media. That is why an increasing number of them are turning to PR agencies, which have a tremendous wealth of knowledge regarding digital PR. Taking advantage of their connections and partnerships with online publications like Yahoo!, Forbes, HuffPost, Entrepreneur, and others allows them to get a press release in front of a diverse array of demographics.

The power of press release articles cannot be understated. There are a number of benefits that a brand will enjoy when they hire a PR agency on the case. These include:

Increased Buzz About the Brand

When a brand appears in several articles across a wide range of online news publications and websites, people are definitely going to be talking about it. This will help expand brand awareness, develop positive and praise-worthy chatter about it, and help prospective customers find the brand more easily.

Increased Authority and Greater Likelihood of Getting Verified

Authority is something that holds a lot of weight for people. When others see that a brand is being covered by online publications they know and trust, they will be more likely to do the same with that brand. Brands will also have an easier time getting their social media pages verified with the highly coveted blue checkmark. The more media coverage a brand gets, the more likely it is to get verified.

PR agencies both big and small have helped make a tremendous difference for brands lately. This is a resource that is eased to use and provides tremendous upside no matter what niche a business is in.

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