Show them with your actions instead of words, says Jacob Judah
(Photo : Jacob Judah)

Jacob Judah, born and bred in Central London is a 21-year-old Tech Enthusiast and Angel Investor. He has been unconventional in his approach and he is dedicated to changing the lives of millions through technology. 

Jacob's background

Twenty-one-year-old Jacob Judah is not your typical Tech Enthusiast. Currently, Jacob works to advise AR/VR start-ups on strategy and provides seed investment to ambitious young entrepreneurs. His company, TMIG, invests in the next generation of innovation and technology advancement. They invest wisely in early-stage technology companies with sky high potential. Jacob and his team also consult tech firms on their start-up strategy and creating a brand appeal. 

Before moving to Mayfair, Central London to be closer to the city's bustling start-up scene, Judah profited over £500,000 selling his app portfolio at 17 years old. 

With over 3 years of experience in the technology world and even more in finance and chess, Judah is now one of the most sought-after advisors and strategists.

His knowledge and expertise have been recognized by many famous entrepreneurs like Mark Cuban, Tony Robbins, and Tim Ferris, who have shared Judah's videos in their stories on social media.

What enabled Judah to come this far

To succeed in any aspect of life, you have to face a large number of hurdles. People always judged him for his young age. To prove himself and his ideas, Jacob showed traction on a global scale "You need to demonstrate results so people will take you seriously. You need to find people who believe in what you are trying to achieve and leverage their resources."

Ironically, Judah believes you might be called "lazy" or "irresponsible", or not be taken as seriously as someone who is older. While networking, you might come across older professionals who doubt the sustainability and credibility of your business.

Don't let the ageism get to you. Behave professionally at all times, and treat others fairly. Eventually you will gain a reputation for maturity and be considered worthy of trust and respect by the older set.

Deal with discouragement by surrounding yourself with people who believe in you. Above all, have confidence in your own abilities. 

Here is what Jacob is moving onto

The potential of the VR/AR space is vast, it is the next major computing platform which is . There are already a number of VR-based social platforms that allow friends or strangers to meet up and chat or play in virtual environments, such as VR Chat, AltSpace VR, and Rec Room. As with VR in other fields, the growing level of immersion that is possible thanks to new technological developments will make them more useful and more attractive to mainstream audiences throughout the coming decade.

A lifehack to guarantee success Judah says is "connecting with like-minded individuals from a young age, if you hang out with 5 millionaires, you will be the 6th". What it took for Jacob to be noticed was showing traction and results on a global scale. Jacob was quizzed about what makes an app go viral, he said he is: "always customer-centric with every decision made". He says he will continue taking risks on talented and ambitious individuals who have big ideas. 

Judah's net worth is estimated to be £100 million and we expect that his fortune will grow exponentially in 2021 and 2022.

 Instagram: @jacob_judah

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