Security is now a necessity nowadays. You cannot assure how safe you are even though you are only at your home. Thankfully, there are already developed gadgets that could help you make living safer and more secure than before.

One thing you should put in your house for that purpose is a peephole camera. Through 'peeping' at its hole, you can see the people before they enter your house. Furthermore, it will protect you from the outside intruders who attempt to do a criminal act inside your home.

To know more about peephole cameras, let's first know how it works and what you should look for before buying one. This way, you can evaluate what is the best peephole camera according to your preference, pros, and cons.

What Should You Consider in Buying a Peephole Camera?

A peephole camera works like your regular smartphone camera without your phone. It is simply attached to a part of your door where you can comfortably see what's outside the house.

Inside this camera, there is a control board, a display screen, and a power source that enables it to function. Before purchasing a peephole camera, make sure you first look at its resolution since the better the resolution, the clearer the image that you can see.

Next, look for its vision capability. It's much better if it has an improved night vision, so there will be no problem at night. Then, search its connectivity, so you can easily track its activity even if you are using a phone, a PC, or a laptop for surveillance. The last one will be its storage, so you can collect more photos and videos you can view.

Top 5 Best Peephole Cameras

1. Kungfuking

Kungfuking's device might look like an ordinary tablet, given that it has a monitor for a boosted monitoring. This peephole camera brags its advanced features, which also come at a hefty price. You can never go wrong in choosing this security cam for your home as its controls, and additional specs will amaze you.


  • It can record videos, so you can review and evaluate what you want to see.
  • You can store media files through a USB or a TF card.
  • It comes with a rechargeable pack for its power.
  • You do not have to worry at night since it has a night vision capability.
  • It boasts its motion detection feature so any light movements can be detected easily.
  • It has an intercom that lets you speak via a microphone connected to it.


  • You cannot connect it through your devices like smartphones and computers.
  • It is super light-weight but bulky.
  • It does not automatically record any videos that it captures.
  • Its menu is clunky.

2. Brinno

Brinno is a perfect peephole camera for your home security. It is easy to use, and you can incorporate it with your Google device and even Amazon. It also features a wide range of components like alarms and a thermostat. If you are looking for a sign to buy a security peephole cam, here it is.


  • If you want to connect a device, it's convenient through its IOT capability.
  • It depends on a power source, so it's proven to be a long-lasting device.
  • Like the previous peephole camera, it also has a night vision perfect for security.
  • It has cloud and local storage, so your files are safer.
  • You can program it to enable its lights, alarms, and other features that you can activate when it detects unusual activity.


  • This peephole is virtually useless if there is no additional technology attached to it.
  • It has only one basic activity button, which could be further improved by adding several buttons for different functions.

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3. Eversecu

If you are looking for a camera that can be connected to your TV, Eversecu is the most suitable candidate among your options. It is easy to set up, which gives you more time to explore what it can do. However, its display is something you should look at before obtaining it.


  • It is simple to navigate, which is perfect even for a beginner buyer.
  • Eversecu is the best choice if you are seeking a peephole camera to complement your CCTV system.
  • Its Sony Exmor sensor (1/2.9 inches) goes well with its megapixel lens to capture high-quality images at 1080p.
  • It has a 1.78mm ultra-wide-angle lens that can see images up to 170 degrees, so its fisheye scope is perfect for outdoor surveillance.


  • It has no display output.
  • It has no storage system, so you cannot look again for the media files.
  • It cannot be mounted on every door, specifically the standard types.

4. LaView

LaView peephole camera is one of the most recommended among people who are looking for a door cam. This device will not only tour you to its spectacular specifications, but it will also highlight its sharp display and its ability to capture images and videos from a remote distance, which some cameras lack.


  • Its display of 720p is enough to shoot crystal-clear images.
  • It is perfect for remote viewing so before a stranger comes to your door, you already have seen him/her.
  • Its intercom is beyond decent compared to other peephole cameras.
  • It allows you to record videos which you can re-evaluate later.
  • You can connect it to Wi-Fi without subscribing to Cloud for storage.
  • It has a bonus 16GB card for on-board storage.


  • Its motion detections need further improvement.
  • Its rechargeable batteries come with the triple-A package, so it will last shorter than the previous cameras.
  • Its night vision feature is not that outstanding.


The TOLEDO peephole camera is also a great video doorbell intercom recipient, which comes with its wireless smart Wi-Fi for your ease of storing photos and videos. This practical home camera comes with several packages upon purchase. When it comes to its display, its fully-operating capability will not disappoint you.


  • Its intercom lets you navigate it easily, aided through a wireless Wi-Fi connection
  • It comes with a bonus motion sensor alarm so you will be alerted to the possible people that pass your house
  • It lets you record pictures and videos.
  • It is easy to use, and installment will only take you some minutes.
  • It works on your Android or Apple devices
  • Its superb rechargeable battery can last for five weeks in usage.


  • It lacks night vision which could have been paired with its sensor.
  • It has no motion detection feature.
  • It does not have the remote-viewing capability which it needs to improve its usability.

Peephole cameras have different advantages and disadvantages, which only vary according to your needs and preference for security. Whatever you choose, it will provide for your home tighter protection for outside surveillance. After reading this, make sure you scrutinize how your chosen peephole camera should get along with your set-up at home.

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