How Can Engage Your Leads and Improve Qualification Process
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Are you looking for hyper-efficient tools to supercharge your lead engagement and qualification processes?

You are not alone.

Managing your leads manually will consume a huge chunk of your time while increasing your costs and decreasing your company's productivity - the good ol' manual process just simply won't do.

The good news is, technology is changing daily business operations. Countless solutions online will let you automate and improve your manual, inefficient workflows.

Read on to uncover the gaps behind your unproductive lead engagement and qualification processes and how to overturn them with a cutting-edge solution. 

The Problem: Manual Lead Engagement is Slow and Inefficient

Sales teams using manual, conventional lead engagement approaches typically experience and complain of these three problems:

First is that it's frustratingly inefficient. Sales agents could not follow up all their leads, and even if they did, their efforts were inadequate. Statistics show that more than 70% of leads are not followed up or nurtured. 

Second, it's an awful waste of time. 75% of their working hours are spent pursuing unqualified leads.

And third is the slow turnaround. If sales teams don't respond to leads within the first hour, the chances of contacting leads plummet significantly by over 10 times.

All these result in leads turning cold, lost sales opportunities, and millions of dollars wasted on ineffective lead generation efforts.

One reason you encounter these and other problems lies in how your lead engagement and qualification process usually goes.

Common Manual Lead Engagement Flow and Approaches

It starts with emails from either outbound or inbound leads (site visitors who fill out your form). Your sales representative then launches an email sequence or a one-way drip campaign.

The process is commonly automated until that step only. Once the lead replies, this workflow goes back to being operated manually -- and that's where the problem begins.

Here, your agent examines the opportunity with questions in mind, such as, "Who or what is this lead like?" "Should I continue pursuing them?"

To find answers, your sales agents often look them up on social media to better understand how to engage them. They can also throw qualification questions before proceeding.

However, this process easily becomes ineffective as the research phase drags on for too long, leads are also qualifying vendors, and others.

Companies often resolve this by one or both of these approaches:

  • Employ more sales agents to reach potential customers. But this strategy is expensive since it involves more training, onboarding, overhead costs, etc.

  • Apply lead scoring. Although this tactic lets you get better sales opportunities by concentrating on those with higher ranks, better site behaviors, etc., you can miss out on other leads with equally valid needs that you can target and engage.

Ideally, when it comes to lead engagement, your agents can promptly give relevant, personalized replies, and follow up persistently on strategic times. You can also adequately screen and pre-qualify every lead before handing it to your agents. 

Your dream lead engagement workflows would even involve an unlimited number of representatives, no resource limitations, and focused follow-ups for your every lead -- and I do mean every single one!

Now, having experienced the bitter realities of manual lead engagement where you lose boatloads of potential customers, sales, and profits -- wouldn't you love to attain this ideal setting? 

Fortunately, you can.

The Solution: Exceed AI Sales Assistant Working with Sales Reps

An effective approach to scaling and optimizing your lead engagement and qualification processes is to have AI-driven sales assistants work alongside your human representatives.

And that's exactly what is. is an AI-powered sales assistant that supports your human reps by automating initial lead engagement, follow-up, and qualification, including appointment scheduling, at scale.

But why AI?

Benefits of AI-powered Lead Qualification Assistants

Exceed's AI assistants effectively complement your human representatives' abilities and roles in your lead generation process.

Your agents are strategic and creative and excel at recognizing nuance, closing deals, and forging trust, client relationships, and new alliances.

AI assistants augment that through these attributes:

  • Scalability. They can cope with your increasing volume of leads without a hitch.

  • Round-the-clock availability. They can reply instantly 24/7. They work even as your agents go to sleep!

  • Consistency, predictability, and dependability. Leave your qualification criteria and related repetitive tasks to these AI assistants and they'll intelligently screen your leads and complete sales agents' administrative workload.

  • Persistence. They don't easily give up on potential customers and constantly follow up in a timely, courteous manner.

With these traits, your human representatives can better focus on revenue-generating and other critical assignments. Assistant Functions and Features

So how exactly do Exceed's AI assistants work alongside your agents? takes your sales playbook and functions like this in the lead engagement and qualification phases:

  • Engage. forms an active, two-way personalized interaction with your leads -- whether on email or live website chat.

  • Assist and respond. When leads throw objections, questions, and requests before setting up a meeting, handles them accordingly and gives the right information in human-like responses.

  • Nurture. The AI assistants can also smartly send follow-up and lead-nurturing emails. It can initiate invitations for meetings or promise to reach potential customers again at a later period.

  • Qualify. The assistant even knows how to qualify warm leads based on your set criteria. It looks through their profiles in real time, studies, and determines whether this lead is promising or not.

  • Handoff. Once has qualified leads, it turns them over to your human sales reps and directly schedules the meeting on the agents' calendars.

Now, here's how the Exceed platform looks like:

Exceed platform

On your dashboard, you get an overview of your lead generation performance with information on the agents most recently assigned, number of contacts at which funnel stage, and ROI.

It even has visual analytics through graphs showing the number of leads approached, engaged, assigned, and closed for a specific timeline.


In Contacts, you'll see a list of potential customers and their organizations, how they were reached, the workflows or sequence they belong to, their status labels, date of recent activity, and number of messages delivered and opened.


You can also view your lead engagement sequences and workflows in the Sequences section and create and automate a new one.

To build your knowledge base of customer FAQs, head to the Answers tab, add an inquiry and its corresponding reply, and categorize your questions like this:


Edit the default answers and response variants your AI assistants can give by clicking on a category. This is what you'll see:

AI assistants also has Active Chats, where you'll find all conversations and other Settings on your chat widget, project, virtual assistants, and more.

Exceed's Value Proposition

So what makes worth every cent of your investment? is the robust, all-encompassing solution you need to augment your marketing and sales workforce. 

It gives you numerous qualified leads for much less admin workload and catapults your monthly qualified meetings and annual recurring revenue.

The outcome? These hyper-competent AI assistants drastically lower your costs, amplify your lead generation productivity, and maximize your marketing resources for greater cost-efficiency and profitability.

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