Insurance: A Real Triumph of a Millennial
(Photo : Insurance: A Real Triumph of a Millennial )

The Real Deal Of Growing Up

Growing up also means growing responsibilities. The moment you enter adulthood, things would not be as easy as writing alphabets anymore. When you grow up, you do not play with your playmates anymore, but instead, you encounter arguments against your workmates or colleagues. Instead of drinking milk and having cereals during breakfast, you fill your veins with a couple of drinks of coffee just to be able to stay awake all night and finish your work right on time. Instead of having your parents beside you to cook your meals, you are all alone in your own quiet space with nothing but computers, paperwork and a series of unending tasks -that's it, adult life..

One thing about growing up is that it also comes with a lot of "growing". It is one inevitable occurrence which may become too risky and scary at the same time once you mishandle it. Growing body, growing hair, growing group of colleagues, growing workplace, growing bills, growing payments, growing due dates and growing responsibilities. Things seemingly continue to grow without you noticing it. When you work, you encounter stuff which will require you to think critically and make decisions on your own -specifically, including getting your future secure. 

Adulthood Unspoken Rule

Insurance is one of these things you start becoming familiar with throughout your adulthood. When you become an adult, things get even more complicated and sometimes too difficult to handle, especially when it comes to the matters of managing your financials. There would be times that it would be too much for you to take since it is not your only priority. Having insurance is one giant step for a millennial youngster in starting his/her journey towards adulthood and securing his/her financial future. Since things will not always be the same as they are, as we've witnessed during this pandemic, it is one brilliant move to set things right and have a back-up plan. Through having insurance, you are not just taking care of your car or business but most importantly, you are also able to secure a stable life for the upcoming years.

Getting insurance, other than certain medicare insurance plans that are financed by the government, will cost you some amount of money. You have to go through financial advisors and other stuff before you can finally settle your assets properly. It may genuinely be a lot of work but what it can give you after is a much more reason for you to keep working hard and understand it even more. When you finally get insured, you will know how to value your assets. It would not only help you maintain stability within your financial needs but also, it will help you develop your sense of handling things on your own. You would know and understand the reason why your parents always remind you to save money for your future needs. You will also learn how to know the "real priorities'' among your chosen priorities.

Insurance As a Great Weapon

Dealing with insurance while you are in your youth is one great triumph, even without being in an actual competition. Even without being in a real game, you will feel that same excitement and rush of adrenaline knowing that you can keep things in order. You will get that feeling of satisfaction every time you talk to your financial advisor and know that your assets are well-managed. Most importantly, you will get the feeling of being fulfilled, knowing that you are not just able to earn and save for your daily needs, but most importantly, for the future waiting ahead of you. It is like you already won against your unpredictable future.

Being young doesn't always mean being naïve. As a member of the youth, we must know how to be capable of handling complicated things. We must know how to set things up so they would not always be in their right places. We must know how to make decisions by using a broad and critical way of thinking. We must know how to deal with things which arrive unexpectedly along our way. As a member of the youth, we must know and master the art of being flexible. Flexible in the way that we can handle things without exerting that much of an effort. Flexible, in the way that we would not just be a member of the youth but instead, an advocate for a better future.

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