Amazon Drivers Forced to Consent to Biometric Monitoring or Lose Their Jobs: Cameras Will Be Used to Monitor Fatigue and Unsafe Driving
(Photo : Screenshot From Pxhere Official Website) Amazon Drivers Forced to Consent to Biometric Monitoring or Lose Their Jobs: Cameras Will Be Used to Monitor Fatigue and Unsafe Driving

In order to retain their jobs, Amazon delivery drivers are now required to give their consent to biometric monitoring, according to a report by Reuters on Tuesday, March 23. The same news came from multiple reports noting that the monitoring comes from cameras to be installed in their vehicles. The cameras would reportedly take their videos as well as track their driving for certain unsafe behaviors.

Amazon biometric information

Reuters has recently reported that some drivers are now quitting over what they reportedly see as a violation of privacy. Vice also recently reported that it was able to obtain screenshots of the said consent form that drivers are required to sign. 

The agreement will reportedly allow Amazon to collect certain biometric information in the main form of photographs in order for the company to verify the drivers' identities and also monitor the drivers' movement and location. This would include the speed, miles driven, braking, turns, acceleration, and also following distance.

Amazon 'faceprinting'

The report also says that as a condition of delivery packages for Amazon, the people are consenting to the use of their technology as well. Amazon did not give a direct response to a request for comments. Staff attorney Adam Schwartz along with civil liberties advocacy group known as Electronic Frontier Foundation, criticizes the whole requirement to consent to certain "faceprinting" or the main recording images of certain faces for the biometric purpose.

According to the story by CNet, Schwartz noted that when a company told its staff to give the biometrics or they will be fired, that is no longer consent. They also noted that they are disappointed by reports that amazon is now coercing its drivers on the main threat of termination in order to submit faceprinting.

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Amazon monitoring

Five different US senators have also previously expressed their concerns over the whole video monitoring even asking Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO, in an open letter to officially explain how the company will be able to violate workers' privacy and also putting them at risk by the addition of "unsafe pressure" to their already fast-paced jobs.

The cameras will be powered by the AI company called Netradyne and are triggered to record if ever they would sense drivers driving at high speeds, yawning, hard braking, as well as other potential indicators of danger. They also reportedly warn drivers of certain unsafe behaviors in some instances. The monitoring also reportedly appears to apply to drivers who don't technically work directly for Amazon but instead for certain delivery hubs that are directly contracted with Amazon.

Critics have also noted that the pace of the job is still unmanageable, with the drivers reportedly expected to deliver over 100 packages during a 10-hour shift. Some divers have recently reported not having time for them to look for a bathroom and the camera will also monitor for drivers who would urinate or even defecate outdoors.

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