British Stock Trading App 'Freetrade' Early Crowdfunders Have Stakes Worth at Least $1.3 Million Each
(Photo : Screenshot From Invest The Market YouTube) British Stock Trading App 'Freetrade' Early Crowdfunders Have Stakes Worth at Least $1.3 Million Each

Crowdfunding is something that most startup companies do to raise capital that they do not have. Instead of loaning the capital, which could incur losses, some companies sell shares to early investors in hopes of raising enough capital to build their ideal company. Early crowdfunders that are lucky usually end up making a huge profit if the company they invest in flourishes.

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While there might be thousands to millions of different startups all promising an amazing technology, product, or service that could change the world, it is hard to pinpoint which ones really make it in the end. One of these success stories is Freetrade, a British stock trading app.

The early crowdfunding backers of the now very popular stock trading app Freetrade have finally seen the value of their initial investment in the company to rise and even be worth millions! The amazing thing about this story is that initially, Freetrade wasn't looking for a ridiculous amount of capital.

Startup Crowdfunder Millionaires

According to Telegraph, there were at least six people who have participated in the company's very early 2016 crowdfunding campaign in a bid to raise a capital of around $138,000. The live update notes that those that have invested in the early crowdfunding campaign would currently have stakes worth at least $1.3 million!

This estimation was reported by Sifted, noting the rising demand for certain services just like Freetrade was driven most likely due to the wild frenzy over the surge in Gamestop shares. This was also noted as the reason for the popular London's start-up AutoStore to reach a valuation of over $366 million!

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GameStop saw the rise and fall of another popular trading app Robinhood wherein traders were really frustrated at the company for blocking their choice to purchase additional GameStop shares. The chaos was even called out by Elon Musk in a Clubhouse app interview. The answers of the Robinhood CEO weren't good enough for the public, and it caused a lot of previously loyal traders on the platform to go elsewhere.

While trading in general used to be something that hedge funds or professional traders and investors would do, it is now being done by just average individuals due to the availability of online trading platforms like Freetrade. With online trading platforms becoming more popular and other popular individuals talking more openly about stock trading, forex, and even cryptocurrency, more people are starting to get involved.

Investing in startup companies is another investment that can be done but the success of these investments is entirely dependent on whether or not the price value of these startups go up. The thing about startups is that they are incredibly risky and might not succeed. However, most of the biggest recent companies all started out as a private startup.

Throughout the pandemic, young professionals and entrepreneurs have been utilising a range of different digital platforms and apps in order to build up their finances and investment portfolios. Many companies such as RWinvest have started to offer an increased amount of digital content - including downloadable guides, videos and podcasts - to make it easier for those stuck indoors to get involved with investment opportunities remotely. 

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