CocoDoc Review: The Best PDF Editor in 2021
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What is CocoDoc?

CocoDoc is a revolutionary free PDF editor that is being used by a large population of 1 million people in over 190+ countries. The application is globally reviewed by famous brands, including TechTimes, Phandroid, iLounge, Pocket-line, and MacWorld.

Having this PDF editor free for any business work or even for personal use has made the PDF edition and conversion very easy. The editor requires the file from any format and then edits it with ease. CocoDoc allows adding texts, links, re-edit, undo the editing, and merge different files in a single file.

It has a cloud-based platform which has made it easy for every individual to reach the application and use it for their personal or official use. CocoDoc requires the user to follow simple steps for uploading the file and perform various functions such as merging and compressing them to edit it accordingly.

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CocoDoc Features

The general overview of CocoDoc's assistances has been discussed. Here, we will look deeper into the application's features and aspects that it provides for editing files.

  • Create Form and eSign:

The application allows the user to create form instantly in PDF format or any other format of his choice. The application enables the user to add fields in the form, add texts, and edit the text with significance. Later, the feature of eSign is also available, which allows the user to sign the created form. You can sign the PDF forms by yourself or send people the form to get it signed as well.

This is a premium feature that has made it easy to create and sign the created form at one time.

  • Unlock and Protect PDF File

CocoDoc enables users to encrypt their PDF files with ease. It secures the PDF with a password to keep files safe. With CocoDoc, you can remove passwords from your file with few clicks. The app will remove encryption to make it possible to edit and download the file later.

  • Edit the PDF file with Various Functions

CocoDoc allows multiple editing features on the PDF file. It includes adding text boxes that make it look presentable, inserting the texts at any place in PDF, and inserting time-stamps at every page of the file. Moreover, the app allows to copy the texts from different files and paste them into the file. The undo and redo feature allows to swift the changes made or add more changes in the file at any time.

  • Merge & Compress PDF Files

With CocoDoc, you can combine and organize all the files into a single file without needing to install any other software for this purpose. It makes it easy to access different files and save storage when they are in the same place.

The compress feature allows the user to resize the files, so it takes lesser space in the memory. Both of the functions are available for already created forms and instantly created ones.

  • Create and Convert the PDF Files

The application allows duality for converting files into other formats. With CocoDoc, you can create your PDF file and instantly convert it into desirable formats, including Excel, Word, and JPG. Moreover, if you want to convert other formats into PDF files for editing later, then this is also achievable via CocoDoc. The app enables the conversion of PDF files into Word, PPT, Excel, and JPG.

  • Search and Replace Texts

CocoDoc allows the user to search a specific word and replace it or edit it. One can replace the word or correct the spelling of that word instantly. The application allows various functions like checking the spelling of texts, deleting the texts, and rotating the files. If the user wants to add important notes on every page of the file, then the edit feature of CocoDoc allows it as well.

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Why is CocoDoc The Best PDF Editor?

Due to the immense increase in internet usage and technology, there are many applications that allow editing and creating PDF files today. However, there are some other aspects that make the application favorable out of all. Here, some of those aspects will be discussed:

  • OCR Technology Feature

OCR technology function is basically assistance for automated data extraction from written or printed texts. This feature enables the user to create and scan PDF files with ease and accuracy. With this, you can scan the images or any other file and convert it into machine-readable form.

  • Instant PDF Sharing:

CocoDoc allows instant creation of documents with significance, and you can share the files at any moment. As the application supports integration with social media applications, you can share the files with your official community on different apps.

  • Easy and Safe to Use

The online PDF editor free offers all the features with the simplicity that can be understood by any person. Moreover, if someone is unable to understand the process for editing the file or using any function, there are step-by-step guides available for this cause. He can read the steps for merging, compressing, and searching for spelling mistakes to get assistance.

  • Extraordinary Security

If you are using CocoDoc for your personal use or official use, both ways require the security of your documents. The application is equipped with bank-grade 256-bit SSL encryption while transferring files. Your password-protected files will not be accessed by anyone, including the servers of the application. Furthermore, all the created and processed files will be automatically deleted from the server.

  • Integration with Cloud Storage Device

The application assists the user to download, edit, and share the created forms from any computer or device to any device. The host is allowed to upload the files in CocoDoc via DropBox, OneDrive, Google Drive, or pasting the URL link in the box. With CocoDoc, you don't have to be restricted from using any specific computer or smartphone.

  • Secure and Efficient e-Sign

The application offers a secure and efficient e-Signature for your official usage. The app allows customizing signatures and then securing the signed documents with encryption. Signatures and passwords get secured for boosting the protection of documents. Moreover, the documents signed via CocoDoc are legal and can be claimed for official use.

  • Automated Document Distribution

The app has made it convenient for users to share their files via automated document distribution. After the creation or editing of the files in PDF formats, the application would automatically send a copy of the document to the recipients.

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The free version of CocoDoc allows the user to convert and edit the PDF files with ease. The basic plan of the app costs $9 per month and allows the following functions. With CocoDoc's basic plan, you can edit the Pdf files, erase and highlight the texts, manage and comment on the PDF files with accuracy.

The premium plan of the app costs $12 per month and offers additional features like bank-level data security and signing documents from mobile devices.

The business package of the software advances its functionalities and provides a number of other features for the user-base. The app allows users to secure PDF files, merge or compress them, create e-Signature while using a phone, and creating personalized forms. This package costs $25 per month.

Pros and Cons

The application has numerous advantages along with features and beneficial characteristics of the application. The software has a few drawbacks as well. Here, we are going to discuss the assistances it offers, which makes CocoDoc, an irreplaceable application.

Assistances offered by CocoDoc

  1. You can visit the official page of CocoDoc via any computer browser by using any computer PC or mobile phone. The app has no such restrictions as long as you are connected to the internet.

  2. With the assistance of OCR, you can scan the images or other files and then convert them into the machine-readable format with ease. This distinct feature is not available on all other apps.

  3. All of CocoDoc's features work without viewing the tutorial. The tools of CocoDoc work after uploading the PDF file without requiring any command. You only need to download the file when the task is completed.

  4. CocoDoc uses high security of 256-bit SSL encryption in every file transfer and does not save passwords on their site. Moreover, the files are automatically deleted after uploading or downloading.

  5. The application would not reduce the file's quality.

  6. CocoDoc has a user-friendly interface which enables it to use the software with ease and accuracy.

Detriment of CocoDoc

  1. If you have an internet speed issue, then you might face problems while downloading the high-quality document on your device. Moreover, with internet issues, you cannot upload your editor or updated PDF files easily.

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CocoDoc FAQs

Here, we have answered some of the general queries and frequently asked questions from users about CocoDoc.

  1. Is downloading CocoDoc editor required?

    CocoDoc is an online editor that assists in updating your PDF files by approaching the website from your browser. With this software, you are allowed to edit, store, export, and search for corrections online without downloading and installing the app.
  2. Why does the excel sheet get empty after its conversion to PDF?

    The reason for this problem might be due to the text that is inside an image, or the whole PDF is a scanned document. In such a matter, it is necessary to use optical character recognition (OCR) for scanning the image. You are advised to choose that option before converting or selecting the language of the text in the specific document.
  3. If a PDF file contains a DRM-Protection, Then why the unlocking on the conversion of the document fails?

    DRM- protection cannot be removed in general. Due to this, further processing, editing, conversion, and sharing of the document cannot be possible.
  4. Is it achievable to convert various files, documents or images into a single PDF?

    It is truly achievable. You need to select those files and convert them into the same format. They will automatically merge together.
  5. Can CocoDoc be used on a Windows, Linux, Mac, or smartphone?

    Yes, the app supports Windows, Linux, Mac, or any smartphone as long as it is connected to the internet. You need to open the CocoDoc tools in any web browser like Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Safari and use the tools directly in the web browser. Downloading any other software is not required at all.


The article has reviewed an online PDF editor, CocoDoc, that edits the PDF files and also supports the creation of different forms within the application. Similarly, the app allows the conversion of PDF files into different formats while sending the document to any recipient. The app supports OCR technology which is very beneficial in terms of converting image files and image texts into text format.

With CocoDoc, you can merge different files by converting them into the same format. This helps the user to save space and alter changes in different files.

The app supports integration with social media applications. This means that if you want to share your freshly created or edited form with anyone on WhatsApp, you are welcome to do so. Anyone looking for an editor would be assisted from here.  

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