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Although having a degree in private security isn't a requirement, it is certainly an asset. You have an edge when applying for a job with limited work experience. You will not only be able to get the position of security guard, but might also get an option to select the specific position you wish to apply for.

When searching for the right course you will have to decide among the many options such as armed security guard, guard training, or unarmed security. Usually, selection standards and expectations of employers are high. To become a security guard for a premier organization requires skills beyond what's needed as a watch person. Hence, opting for the right course that not only enlightens you about theoretical aspects but also trains you with practical implications is important.

Responsibilities and Expectations for Security Personnel

As a security guard, you need to communicate well, quickly size up situations or people, and determine the best action for a particular scenario. You need to understand the role within complex systems and interact effectively with people of different backgrounds. You might have come across advertisements for a government vacancy requiring existing experience before applying.

They might need a candidate that qualifies on a basis of three years of security or military experience. You may also be eligible for the position if you have completed a Police Officer Standards and Training course.  

Finding a Security Guard Course in Toronto

You can either opt for in-class or online training for a security guard course. Both course options extend over 40 hours and include certification in first aid. Begin your search with a reliable licensed training agency that offers the courses.

When searching for a course, be sure you are enrolling for the correct one. You should download and view the mandatory topics that have been covered under the 40-hour security training program. The details are always published on the website of the private Security and Investigative Services Branch websites.

After the course is completed, you will get a valid First Aid and CPR certification. The minimum acceptable level for first aid training is Emergency Level First Aid and Level A CPR (training of one day).

To be eligible for a security licence, you must have a valid First Aid and CPR certification. However, the advised level is the Standard First Aid and Level C CPR. It is an extended program that involves training over two days. This level of certification would offer you an advantage over other applicants. You will also come away with knowledge and enhanced skills when it comes to dealing with additional emergencies.

You should research thoroughly the Standard First Aid and Level C CPR training courses before enrolling.

Eligibility Requirements to Apply for the Course

  • At least 18 years old
  • No criminal history and a clean record
  • Complete the mandatory training and course
  • Have the current Emergency First Aid/CPR certificate
  • Be legally eligible to work in Canada

The following steps can help in finding a Security Guard Course in Toronto:

Search for a Licensed Training Provider

There are multiple options when it comes to training institutes that offer courses to become a security guard. However, to ensure you get a valid certification upon completion of the course, always do in-depth research to know if the institute you are choosing has the licence to offer such courses. You can ask the institute or check the official website to look for licensed agencies from the government.

Check Reviews and Course Details

The next step is to shortlist the options that are licensed and compare them online. You can check each website to learn about the courses offered. This will give you details about the approach, technique, and the course content and if these are in-line with the required standards. You can also check reviews and comments published online by previous candidates. It will help you eliminate all sorts of confusion and zero down on the best possible alternative, which not only provides thorough theoretical training but practical experience as well.

Select the Appropriate Course

Once you know about the training agency you should go with, the next step is to choose the kind of course you would like to enrol in. In Toronto, you have multiple options which are categorized as per job requirements and security standards. There are dedicated courses for:

  • Concierge
  • Security Guard
  • Bouncer
  • Bodyguard
  • Loss prevention employee

Based on your personal choices and what you feel is the most appropriate career prospect for you, you should enrol in any of the above courses.

Concluding Remarks

You must carry a valid licence card for a job as a security guard. In case you don't have one it's a violation under the Ontario Private Security and Investigative Services Act. You are only exempt to apply for one in case you hold a licence from any other Canadian province or territory. However, make sure you do your research and consult a professional agency before applying or starting a job as a security guard.

A security guard course with Condor Security gives you the platform to explore your potential career as a security guard. The team of experts guides you with the best information and assistance to stand legally and academically eligible for the post. You can reach their consultants to learn more about the courses, requirements, prospects, and everything that's needed for becoming a qualified security guard.

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