Liam James Collins Shares Stories of Success Through Adversities
(Photo : Liam James Collins )

In life, adversity is almost as inevitable as rain. However, these moments of difficulties or misfortunes don't have to keep us from achieving our intended goals and finding the happiness we seek in business and life. How we overcome these adversities can make all the difference. Liam James Collins is an entrepreneur who has been able to push through the hardships to achieve success. 

Surviving a terrorist attack

For many in the United Kingdom, June 3, 2017, will continue to stand as evidence of the hate that is prevalent in the world. As a survivor of these terrorist attacks that saw 11 people being killed, Liam is proud of his ability to overcome that situation's adverse effects.

After his mindset nearly crumbled, he could have quickly developed thoughts of hatred, fear, and anger. Instead, he knew he needed to establish an attitude of love, understanding and forgiveness for the sake of his family. Due to this experience, Liam decided he wanted to help even more people on a much bigger scale. He went the extra mile to become a qualified coach trainer to accredit people who wanted to become life coaches. 

The death of his father

A year later, in 2018, however, another life-changing event took place. Liam lost his father, and again he was close to crumbling. "I hated myself after that. I used to think, 'How dare you call yourself a coach when you couldn't even save your own Dad. You think you're so cool and so successful. You're worthless.'"

But after finding out the details behind his father's suicide, he knew that he needed to use his coaching techniques to forgive himself and once again focus on the future.

Success despite adversity 

Through these adversities, Liam went on to build a wildly successful business.

He purchased a £539,000 Penthouse Apartment in London. And the thing that he is most proud of is the birth of his beautiful baby girl Posey. Posey's birth has given Liam even more drive and determination to hit his 2022 goal of $1,000,000 per month in revenue. 

As a Coach, Liam was hired as the Peak Performance coach for Amazon HQ, the most significant fortune 50 company globally. Liam has been featured on MTV as a celebrity coach. 

A personal win that Liam shares is the moment that Lord Alan Sugar, Host of The Apprentice in the UK, tweeted about him and his success. "The reason this is a big personal win for me is that growing up, I always wanted to win The Apprentice. But now, I wouldn't even sell 50% of my business to Lord Sugar for £250,000, which is the amount winners of the series received. I love knowing that I have built a business so successful that even winning The Apprentice would be a big step down."

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