There has been a debate on what the Best PS5 Monitor is, as people still stick with the use of Smart TVs that provides a 4K video output, or opt for the smaller computer monitor. While monitors with smaller screen sizes are mostly used for computer desktop setups, console gamers can also opt for this to get the best of the experience.

Best PS5 Gaming Monitors
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If space is a problem in one's gaming rec room or bedroom or is living in an apartment with limited space for an extra monitor, then opting for the smaller display may be the option to go. The choice would be entirely up to the user, especially as their mileage would vary on the experience and this purchase would be out of their pockets. 

The PlayStation 5 remains the country's fastest-selling console in its history, beating the Xbox Series X with sales and popularity. 

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Best PS5 Monitors for Value and Performance

LG 27GN950-B 4K Gaming Monitor

LG 27GN950-B
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The LG is the smallest one on this list but is not the one with the least performance. The device packs a decent size that could fit on a computer table or atop a desk, and provide a decent screen size and avoid taking too much space. What is more iconic with this monitor is that it is equipped with a 4K video capability and 144Hz refresh rate, ready for PS5's 60Hz display at 4K.

Price: $1,249.00

Check the LG 27-inch 4K Gaming Monitor via Amazon.

BenQ EW3270U 4K Gaming Monitor

BenQ EW3270U
(Photo : BenQ via Amazon)

BenQ's gaming monitor is made for computer desktop displays with 4K capability but has a slightly larger screen size of 32-inches. The good contrast ratio of this device makes it an ideal display for a dark environment or room. The 4K video capability would go alongside the PS5's capabilities, but only offers 60Hz for its refresh rate. 

Price: $399.99

Check out the BenQ 32-inch 4K Gaming Monitor via Amazon. 

Philips Momentum 436M6VBPAB Console Gaming Monitor

Philips Momentum 436M6VBPAB
(Photo : Philips via Amazon)

The largest among the round-up but certainly something to make users think twice of size and power is Phillip's Momentum which is specifically designed for Console Gaming. The device is 4K, cheap, and brings everything that a user needs in a monitor. However, compared to the two, it does not bring that much of a performance, and crisp colors for highlighting its blacks. 

Price: $849.99

Check out the Philips Momentum Console Gaming Monitor via Amazon. 


While the Xbox Series X still beats the PS5 in performance rating for a fully 4K with a 120Hz refresh rate experience, the PlayStation 5 is still a decent console that can deliver on gaming. With this, it needs a monitor that could also deliver on what the PS5 brings to the table, and while there are multiple options, only one stands out. 

The LG is the winner on all of this, but it would surely bring a hefty price for users to enjoy the tech. It could bring not only 4K but the option of elevated gaming with a higher refresh rate among all devices on the list. 

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