Lucky Gift Cards Review: This Platform Gives you the Opportunity to Earn Bitcoins, Here's How
(Photo : Lucky Gift Cards Review: This Platform Gives you the Opportunity to Earn Bitcoins, Here's How)

Lucky Gift Cards is a unique platform with a simple concept.

Users who buy a gift card and register it on are automatically entered into a lottery pool based on the 6aus49 German National Lottery.

Draws take place twice weekly. All those with a Lucky Gift Card have to do is simply wait for the end of the draw and check their dashboard to see if they have won. All prizes are paid in bitcoin and can be saved or withdrawn.

Curious to learn more about the unique Lucky Gift Cards platform? This article discusses several key components of the project and lists some of the reasons why Lucky Gift Cards is an interesting way to get involved with bitcoin.

Overview And Features

Lottery pools are becoming immensely popular as people realize members stand a better chance of winning prizes.

Anyone with a registered Lucky Gift Card has the potential to win hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands dollars worth of bitcoin or even jackpots worth $30+ million. The Lucky Gift Cards team say the average winnings from a $100 card bought five years ago would be with more than $6,000 as of February 2021. Cards can be loaded with as little as $25.

Cardholders do not have to do anything else once they have registered. Each Lucky Gift Card represents free lottery pool membership, forever. The German National Lottery draws take place Wednesday at 6:25 pm and Saturday at 7:25 pm CET.


Lucky Gift Cards is still pretty new in the crypto world, having launched as a pilot for the 2021 Chinese New Year. There are social media presences on Facebook, WeChat, and Instagram right now with what looks to be small, but growing amounts of activity.

The website also has a blog page with a few posts discussing Lucky Gift Cards and lottery pools. There are also links on the homepage to coverage in media like Yahoo Finance, CoinTelegraph and The Saigon Times.

Lucky Gift Cards website

There is no evidence of a Lucky Gift Cards mobile application right now although the site is optimized for mobile. Overall, the website looks to be clean and simple with just enough information to make things clear without overwhelming visitors with too much content.

Lucky Gift Cards is led by CEO Sulim Malook. He looks to have an interest in the lottery industry as he explains in an interview how he built a stock market lottery app and business and also ran lotteries for global organizations. It's always good to see a founder with relevant experience and enthusiasm for bringing bitcoin to an industry dominated by traditional money.


There have been no issues with Lucky Gift Card's security so far. The website has a pretty extensive Privacy Policy listing a number of personal data rights under GDPR and the Data Protection Act of 2018.

It notes information is stored in secure servers and that the team takes "appropriate technical and organisational measures to guard against unauthorised or unlawful processing, accidental loss, destruction or damage."

All prize money is paid out in bitcoin and Lucky Gift Cards says winners can store or withdraw their money at their own discretion. Of course, especially with large amounts of bitcoin, it is always better to move funds to a cold wallet whenever possible for maximum security.

Buying A Card

Some crypto-related websites make buying tricky, presenting users with an array of options and steps. Not on Lucky Gift Cards. There are just a few basic steps to purchase a card and the entire process is done on one website page.

A buyer needs to either pay with bitcoin, Ethereum, or a credit card and select a card amount. Then they need to input a recipient name, email, and delivery date and add that particular card to their cart.

Buying A Card

Lucky Gift Cards asks users to pay in a single transaction if purchasing multiple new cards. This is a pretty smart idea to cut down on transaction time, especially for those buying a large number of cards for family and friends.


It's always good to see projects that offer multiple support options. Lucky Gift Cards has a Contact Us page where they list an email, phone number, and mailing address for those who have questions. They say the easiest way to get in touch with the team is via live chat.

The website also has a FAQ page with some simple answers to questions like "How do I withdraw the bitcoin I win" and "What do I do if I receive a Lucky Gift Card?"

Bottom Line

Lucky Gift Cards looks to be one of the more unique ways to add bitcoin to a portfolio.

The concept is pretty simple, and it is nice that cardholders do not have to pick numbers or take any additional steps after registering. The team looks to be pretty responsive to questions and inquiries, and the project's definitely gotten some good attention and coverage.

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