You can go on line, you can read any book, you can watch any video about LinkedIn but if you really want to take your LinkedIn presence and efforts to another level, you need to get in touch with LinkedSuperPowers.

A global Social Media Consultancy with over 1.5 Million Social Media Followers and mentions in Forbes, Fortune, Entrepreneur, HuffPost, CNN and other major international publications as well as TV Channels, the team of LinkedSuperPowers has for 7 years now, been helping both individuals and companies accomplish their professional dreams.

LinkedSuperPowers: Unleash your LinkedIn Superpowers with Dennis Koutoudis, Emily Pappas and their team
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Its Harvard certified founders and #1 International Bestselling Authors with The Superpower of Online Networking, Dennis Koutoudis & Emily Pappas and their team of specialists (including top copywriters, personal / corporate branding experts, storytellers, designers, SEO specialists, Researchers and of course LinkedIn Experts) have helped thousands of clients including executives at global brands such as Amazon, Microsoft, IBM, Pfizer, Bloomberg, Google and many others, while their free and super useful content, advice and LinkedIn super power "hacks" assist millions on a weekly basis through their Social Media Accounts, Private Groups and Newsletters.

The services of LinkedSuperPowers include LinkedIn Presence Optimization, LinkedIn Prospect Generation, High Quality Content Creation as well as Training & Coaching Sessions on most effective utilization of the LinkedIn platform for one to accomplish his/her professional goals (identification of investors, new employment opportunities, strategic partnerships, b2b sales growth etc.) as rapidly as possible.

If you wish to considerably elevate your LinkedIn game and results, the best way is to reach out directly to Dennis and Emily by sending them a message or invitation to connect on LinkedIn:

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