Saphyte: Technology for Automating Business Workflows
(Photo : Saphyte: Technology for Automating Business Workflows)

In today's day and age, organizations are having a hard time dealing with the digital transformation that is rapidly taking over the world. The primary challenge they face is the simplification of complex work processes. This includes using internal and external business communications such as telephone, emails, whiteboards, spreadsheets, post-it notes, and several others. while centralizing all data and information generated from these activities. Some organizations also use tools that are not only outdated but also inefficient. To add to it, many of them do it without knowing they can do better.

This is the business objective of Saphyte by Loyica. It seeks to equip SMEs and companies in the MENA region with updated digital infrastructure to be able to deal with the needs of the modern consumer. Saphyte is a SaaS cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) tool. It is a workflow automation platform that allows companies to reduce their workload and eliminate tasks through automation. It also ensures that all work-related communications and operations are conducted through a single, integrated platform for ease of use.

Revolutionizing Traditional Business Tasks

Mistakes are an inevitable part of work processes and they can produce a significant impact on business operations. Human errors or negligence in creating, managing, and maintaining organizational workflows may result in massive losses as evidenced by cases of such nature throughout history. This led to the innovation of work automation and CRMs.

Launched in 2017 under Loyica Technologies and headed by Ali Homadi, Saphyte's workflow platform offers a central repository workflow. This workflow can be accessed or distributed (project-wise or person-wise) to all employees. Saphyte places less dependency on fallible human memory and uses state-of-the-art technology to manage all tasks.

Saphyte specializes in automating workflows helping the sales and management teams create the best possible strategies and management workflows. Its features lets companies attract customers with enhanced expertise and a clear vision for planning and streamlining the workflows. In addition, the CRM is designed to increase productivity throughout the business.

Happy Employees Boosts Productivity

Employees are often viewed as the most unhappy and unsatisfied people. This is because they are often treated as robots at their workplaces and are swamped with unlimited work each day. Other than their job description, the other time-consuming work that they do is maintaining workflows. This stresses out the employee, which makes them unhappy, and subsequently results in unhappy customers and reduced productivity.

This explains why companies that implement a CRM observe a difference in employee productivity after automating workflows. They report being able to save more time, make use of updated tools, and be able to produce more work in less time.

By integrating Saphyte into local SMEs' business operations, companies can provide each employee the autonomy to track the workflow of each process they are working on or RE managing. They do not have to wait for an approval email or a heads-up to start any process, as the unified platform will allow them to be in the loop and will provide constant updates regarding it.

One of the biggest advantages of having Saphyte as the CRM is that nothing goes missing there. There are several cases where important files and folders are accidentally deleted or are misplaced by an employee, which causes delays in work and results in a waste of effort and energy. But with Saphyte, each workflow operates quickly and smoothly. The CRM's efficient and frequent backups and excellent organization strategies allow its customers always to have the upper hand in their workflows.

Management Made Easier

Managers handle and train their subordinates. They shape the culture of the workplace and their teams in countless ways. Stress and pressure then become a constant part of their work. But it does not have to be this way. Most people think that the higher a corporate worker climbs in the business organization's hierarchy, the further they move away from day-to-day tasks, which means less stress. This is absolutely not true. Which is why powerful automation tools that partially reduce a manager's workload is needed. They can also benefit from Saphyte's team management features which include a customizable dashboard, reporting, workflow automation, user management, system notification, logs, and custom fields.

One of Saphyte's key team management features is My Diary. This feature allows employees to view their dashboard, create tasks and associate them with their team members. It is a beneficial tool that never lets one go out of track as its set options include sorting, calendar management, reminders, and rescheduling of tasks. With its out-of-the-box workflow automation ideas, Saphyte has become Dubai's leading CRM software and has helped thousands of employees with their work.

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