Using Technology at Its Fullest, XTrend, The Future of Forex
(Photo : Using Technology at Its Fullest, XTrend, The Future of Forex)

Technology has taken over the world by storm. There is no sector or field that the wave of technology has not touched and revolutionized. From education to medication, everything has been transformed to provide ease and comfort to people's lives. Similarly, it has changed the way trade is done in the current times. 

Trading has come a long way from the barter system and physical money. The introduction of digital cash has transmuted trading massively. Forex trading has boomed in recent years. The Forex trading market has been completely taken over by algorithmic-based software programs. With hundreds of trading software being released every year, it has given outsiders a chance to understand and be a part of this source of income. The emergence of screen-based Forex trading has eased the entire process, making it easier for Forex merchants and beginners to buy and sell from their homes' comfort. The data analyzing tools that help comprehend statistics have made investment simpler. Contributing to the trend is a high-efficiency app-based trading platform, XTrend. 

The XTrend app was launched in 2018, keeping in mind the influx of technology and people's increasing interest in this sector. It took two years to build this new-age trading app after tons of research and development by its team of industry-experienced professionals and software developers. It was designed exclusively for use on mobile devices so that users can trade anytime, anywhere. This app was developed by listening to traders based on deep emphasis on its fast-problem-solving customer service. 

Owned and operated under license by Rynat Trading LTD XTrend initially started with CFDs on Forex pairs in 2018, before adding CFDs on precious metals, gold and silver in 2019, and US Oil in 2020. At the beginning of 2019, XTrend introduced it's 'Social Trading' feature, a unique feature designed to assist professional and novice traders due to not having the time to spend on analyzing market trends. Using the feature, traders can follow the shared trading signals of other traders.

Another amazing feature of this app is that it offers Market Alerts. The continuous market updates serve as a guide to trading and have simplified margin requirements. This is an extremely helpful feature as it allows users to set their own trading levels with technical indicators. This means that users are notified when their selected assets reach pre-designated market prices.

Making XTrend More Successful

Positive response and encouragement always motivate one to do better as it brings out the best from people. Similar was the case with the developers of XTrend. They received great feedback from users and traders alike, which led them to the development of XTrend's sister app XTrend Speed, which was launched in 2020. This sister app was launched after gaining its FSCA (South Africa) license approval to expand into new markets and jurisdictions. XTrend Speed is a trading platform offering CFDs on Forex, Gold, Silver, and more to over 140 countries worldwide. It added CFDs on WTI/US OIL at the beginning of 2020 and added CFDs on Indices in October 2020.

The XTrend Speed app allows users to enjoy live forums and webinars, low investment from price as low as $2, access to live market updates on all symbols at any time, and deposit funds from just $10. 

The XTrend Speed also offers an exclusive membership program giving users additional benefits, including risk management capabilities on user's trading account, SMS alerts on market trends, and priority customer service. It also gives priority in processing withdrawal and deposit requests, access to a personal account manager, and additional opportunities to redeem XTrend Loyalty Credit through Zero-Commission trading.

The apps' research and development office is located in Limassol, Cyprus, and legal entities supporting its research and development are registered in Malaysia, China, and Cyprus. With its wide and worldwide team of dedicated and creative professionals, the apps frequently get the best updates and features.

The innovative teams have come up with creating loyalty and membership programs on both the apps, which gives them an edge over the competitors. The loyalty program lets users redeem coupons that let users trade risk-free. The loyalty program also includes safety features such as account management, demo trading, and negative balance protection.

XTrend and XTrend Speed are the new faces of modern Forex trading that open doors of income for everyone through a few taps on their phones. With both apps offering user-friendly market access to various investments across Europe, they have set themselves on the right track of success. 

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