SuperFarm, NFT Marketplace Launches SuperStarter Crypto Project LaunchPad
(Photo : SuperFarm, NFT Marketplace Launches SuperStarter Crypto Project LaunchPad)

SuperFarm token holders now have even more reasons to be excited about being part of this welcoming community. SuperFarm is launching its own project launchpad, SuperStarter which is an industry first for Crowdfunding.

SUPER token holders will be among the first to invest in some of the most visionary and ultra disruptive new crypto projects. All of the projects that are launched through SuperStarter are pre vetted and approved by a panel of expert fundamental analysts, with a strong track record in identifying successful early-stage projects, before making it to the SuperStarter launchpad. 

This makes these projects some of the most high potential startups investors are likely to come across in the cryptoverse. This utility gives even more value to holders of SUPER, the native utility token for the SuperFarm ecosystem.

What is SuperFarm? 

SuperFarm is part game play, part NFT marketplace with the option for users to farm and create their own NFTs, and part governance community which gives its token holders voting rights on the future of the network. Its vision lies in the ability to make NFTs more accessible to users, even those with no coding experience, so they can create, farm and sell NFTs.  SuperFarm's offering lies on its principles which include:

  • They believe in the power of a community and releasing regular product releases based on community wants.

  • They believe in Interoperability and cross-chain.

  • They believe anyone should easily be able to create, buy and sell NFTs without writing any code.

  • They believe in creators having power and the freedom so they can earn more.

SuperStarter will give the community members the ability to participate in some of the leading CrowdFunding opportunities currently available, capitalizing on SuperFarm's Decentralized protocol to unleash some of the best potential into the marketplace.

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