MYST™: An Award-Winning Smile Without Breaking the Bank
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Are you tired of spending ages trying to get every inch of your mouth clean? Do you always feel as if it isn't completely spotless? Is your dentist complaining about bad oral hygiene, even though you brush every day? All of your teeth and gum problems will be a thing of the past with MYSTTM- the toothbrush of the twenty-first century!

What is it?

MYSTTM is a new and improved toothbrush that is aimed to help all of your oral problems vanish. The main aim of the creators of the toothbrush was to remove the idea that brushing your teeth is a long, tedious process and make it faster, automatic and more efficient. MYSTTM does all of these things, all the while providing a perfect dental-grade cleaning for all users.

How does it work?

All you have to do is apply any toothpaste of your choice (preferably the MYSTTM foaming  toothpaste) on both brush head sides.  Once this is done, place it inside your mouth, covering your teeth with the silicone bristles. Make sure the brush heads wrap around all of your teeth and no part is left exposed.  Once your MYSTTM is in place, press the on button to turn your toothbrush on, and it will begin vibrating. This cleans both your teeth and gums at the same time..

MYSTTM uses a unique technique that removes all oral plaque, effectively. They call it, XRTTM - Expansion Radius TechnologyTM. This method involves high frequencies of vibrations that a human hand can't produce, in orderto kill bacteria and remove plaque effectively. For maximum effectiveness, you may move the MYSTTM up and down and side to side, while using it.. Just like that, in a mere 30-seconds, your mouth and gums will be as clean as ever!

Your MYSTTM toothbrush will stop vibrating automatically, but you can always press and hold the power button to stop it beforehand. After it has stopped, remove MYSTTM from your mouth and rinse it under water. It is very important to always keep the silicone bristles clean.

You may be wondering how exactly these vibrations clean and remove plaque. Let us explain! MYSTTM vibrates at 24,000 strokes per minute, allowing the brushhead to clean, using two methods: mechanical scrubbing and fluid dynamics.

Mechanical scrubbing allows the removal of dental plaque with the bristles. Your teeth are scrubbed by those high-frequency vibrations, which is similar to brushing your teeth at a rapid pace without applying too much pressure. This makes it the best option to clean your teeth with. Fluid dynamics is a secondary cleaning method, but is just as effective. These vibrations allow fluid to move around your teeth with such a force and pace that it is able to target and break apart colonies of plaque, even beyond areas that bristles can touch. With MYSTTM, no plaque will be left untouched!

Its amazing features:

Besides making your teeth spotless and clean, the MYSTTM toothbrush has a bunch of other features that make it even more desirable. Find out more below:

●          It includes a blue, dental grade LED light to aid in the whitening of your teeth (if a whitening toothpaste is used). The light is also used to kill harmful bacteria.

●          It features three different speed (vibration) settings, all at the push of a single button.

●          It includes a 360° antibacterial mouthpiece, so it gets to all those hard-to-reach areas.

●          MYSTTM has a rechargeable battery, that is charged via a USB connection. A fully charged battery can last roughly one week.

●          Different sizes are available, an adult size and a children's size, so that the brush head will fit snugly into any mouth.

●          With MYSTTM, you can brush your teeth in just 30-seconds.

●          It's lightweight, easy to use and comfortable to hold. Making it a good fit for both young and old!

●          The device is entirely waterproof, so you will never have to worry about anything getting wet and ruining your device.

●          Unlike most toothbrushes, the MYSTTM works well for those with braces or any dental prosthesis.

Why is it better than ordinary toothbrushes?         

Many types of toothbrushes have come out on the market over the last century, yet issues regarding oral health still remain. Sometimes you don't brush for long enough or well enough. Other times you are not flossing. Sometimes you are not replacing your toothbrush, when it needs to be replaced.. All of these mistakes make standard toothbrushes challenging to deal with A regular, ordinary toothbrush is only able to brush one area of the mouth at once. As a result, brushing your teeth takes more time. MYSTTM brushes all your teeth simultaneously , so; the entire brushing process only takes 30-seconds.

Let's take one more look at everything that MYSTTM has made easier.  It's more effective than an ordinary toothbrush, it brushes your teeth faster and simultaneously, it removes all bacteria and plaque, it whitens your teeth and is extremely simple to use.

With all these great benefits and a proven track record, there's no reason not to purchase the absolute best toothbrush on the market right now. MYSTTM will take care of your oral health for you, and you'll never look back or complain about sore teeth or gums again. So, what are you waiting for? Go to the MYSTTMofficial website   And get one for yourself, today!

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