DeFi Trading Terminal UniDex Keeps Hitting New Volume Milestones
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UniDex, the emerging trading platform and aggregator for options, swaps, NFTs, lending, stocks, perpetuals, and more, recently started attracting more attention than ever. The DeFi trading terminal finally started pushing through competition and growing as the DeFi participants started recognizing its potential, which led the platform to break a number of major milestones, mostly regarding its volume.

UniDex Explodes in April

A few weeks ago, at the beginning of the month, UniDex announced that it is pushing a small update that should further reduce gas costs by an additional 4-6%. The exchange also published a medium post, explaining how it can afford to offer lower fees than even the DeFi champion, Uniswap, despite sourcing liquidity from Uniswap itself.

As a result, the platform was able to reduce the cost of transactions by keeping Uniswap prices on offer, which allowed users to purchase more coins and pay less in order to do it. The word spread quickly, and suddenly, the platform started seeing a major surge in volume and transactions.

Only three days after announcing the update that further reduced the fees, UniDex also announced crossing its highest single-day volume clocking in at $118,000 traded volume across all markets. The exchange recognized that traders are returning due to its fees, which were lower than what Uniswap offers, and it promised that more new developments will come in due time.

Only three days after that, the exchange published another new record, noting its new highest daily volume crossing $270,000. Since the fees were extremely low on Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum alike. Add to that a very powerful UI, and it is not surprising that traders are finding the conditions very favorable.

From that point, the figures started surging much more rapidly. Only two days later, UniDex crossed a major milestone of $1 million total volume across swaps, leverage, and options, and its team announced that it is proud to service a wide range of trailers and protocols. The rapid growth came off as rather overwhelming, but it did not stop there.

The platform soon announced another new record, where on April 16th it crossed $561,000 total trading volume in a single day. But, with a reimagined UI, limit orders for BSC/FTM/MATIC, Solana support, and more coming soon, the growth is likely to continue even further.

What is UniDex?

UniDex is a young trading platform and aggregator for various financial products. It has secured hundreds of liquidity sources and aggregators, as well as cross-chain trading, making it one of the most connected platforms in the world of trading. The goal of doing all of this is to help traders feel safe and not have to worry about the liquidity of any financial instrument ever again.

According to its website, the platform is offering over $40 billion in instantly accessible liquidity, with over 200 DeFi integrations, and it can connect to any chain, DEX, or CEX to bring liquidity to its offering.

As mentioned, the platform also has a completely reimagined, powerful interface that makes things simple for newcomers, and still grants all the information that even professional traders need in order to make good trading decisions.

Of course, the platform also offers staking for its native coin, UNIDX, where 50% of all trading fees get distributed to token holders automatically, every day. With the trading volume and the number of platform users going up, it is only natural for the number of individual trades to go up, as well. Since they all come with fees - even as low as the ones UniDex offers - that still means that the rewards distributed among UNIDX stakers will grow in time, and indeed, this has already started.

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