Tech And The Future Of Business: How Has New And Emerging Tech Revolutionised Online Shopping
(Photo : Tech And The Future Of Business: How Has New And Emerging Tech Revolutionised Online Shopping)

Technology is ever-changing and with this comes new business opportunities for companies all over the globe. Whether it be business opportunities for international markets or e-commerce platforms expanding with blockchain, there are several ways that you can benefit from this in the future. In this article, we will be providing you with insight into how new and emerging technologies such as this can revolutionise the future of business in 2021.

The Emergence Of Blockchain Technology 

As technology has continued to adapt, so too has the technology that we are continuing to use on a daily basis. Not only have computers been sped up and mobile phones become more capable of completing everyday tasks in a fraction of the time, but there have also been several other technologies such as blockchain that have revolutionised the way that we use technology in everyday life. With the ability to record transactions as well as ensure that each payment is highly secure for a better purchasing experience for customers. 

Cryptocurrency Becomes The New Way To Pay 

Alongside the implementation of blockchain technology, there have also been several cryptocurrencies that have made their way onto the market. With the likes of Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin all seeing a huge amount of success using blockchain technology, there have been several platforms out there that have also benefitted from this. With the likes of platforms such as CryptoCart and Amazon all adopting these platforms, this is set to change the way that people interact with businesses as a whole and streamline several e-commerce processes. 

CryptoCart And The Future OF E-Commerce Platforms 

Cryptocart is a decentralized e-commerce platform that has an Ethereum blockchain and ERC20 smart contract that is helping to bridge the gap between traditional blockchain as well as the native CC Token to provide a unique shopping experience with cryptocurrencies. With a loyalty scheme for CC Token holders as well as those that are using cryptocurrency, as well as a vendor application process for new vendors to join the platform at all times, this is a platform that is only set to increase over time. 

Should You Invest In CryptoCart?

When looking at this emerging platform, it is important to consider that this is only in the early stage of development currently. With the business expanding as well as the value of the CC Token slowly continuing to rise, there are several incentives to keep people on the platform and spending their cryptocurrency throughout the ecosystem. Here are some of the benefits that CryptoCart can provide to their customers: 

  • A loyalty scheme based around those using the CC Token 

  • Shipping to be discounted in tiers for those with tokens. 

  • Varied discounts for those using the CC Token over other payments methods 

  • Redeemable rewards such as NFTs and increased payments for Token holders 

Should you find that this is a platform that you want to invest in, you can make an investment in the CC Token at CryptoCart, you can begin to make the investment on Uniswap as well as MetaMask

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