Krishen Sauble Iyer's Suggestions for Effective Pinterest Marketing
(Photo : Krishen Sauble Iyer's Suggestions for Effective Pinterest Marketing)

Are you looking for innovative, creative new outlets to market your business? If so, you are likely eager to rely on prominent social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Each of these outlets is a phenomenal addition to your business's social media strategy. If you struggle to see measurable achievements from your organization's implementation of social media accounts, know that all hope is not lost, and your digital outreach can still improve. 

Believe it or not, there is more to digital marketing than Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. As the world saw with TikTok's breakthrough success, strictly visual mediums are an excellent way to foster positive brand recognition. Similarly, Pinterest is a visual discovery engine where users can search for new ideas on everything from what to make for dinner tonight to how to reorganize your bathroom. Users log onto Pinterest in search of inspiration, offering businesses an opportunity to highlight what makes them unique.

Since users come to the website looking for something new to try, the website is a perfect place for digital marketers to advertise their organization's brand. Here are some tips on getting to know Pinterest and how its features can benefit you, your business, and your bottom line. 

How to Use Promoted Pins

If you have ever used Instagram to advertise your business, you are likely familiar with its targeted content features. On Instagram, you can select different age groups, geographic locations, and people's interests when sharing your content. Similarly, but alternatively, Pinterest relies on keywords to target content to users. The website recommends that you use between twenty and thirty keywords for each promoted pin. The limit of thirty keywords per promoted pin helps businesses cast a wide net of whom they would like to see their content while also ensuring that only relevant populations view the content.

When deciding which keywords to select for your promoted pin, think about your measurable goals. Ask yourself what this promoted pin intends to achieve for your business and how a potential customer might reach this content. Note that any keywords you choose for your pin will not show up on the pin itself. Instead, keywords serve as targeting criteria that guide the website to match your content with users searching for what your business has to offer. 

To get as much out of a single post as possible, it is worth considering how to feature several products in a single promoted pin. Including multiple projects in one pin can bolster your brand engagement by showing more of what your business can offer. For example, you can feature products that complement each other, such as a pair of pants and a matching shirt. Alternatively, you could also use a pin to highlight several types of products, each intended to accommodate different consumers. The possibilities are endless if you know how to use them to your brand's advantage.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Pins!

Because Pinterest is a visually dominant website, it is vital to understand what image characteristics make a user want to see more. Focus on using vibrant colors to make your pins stand out, and always opt for light images instead of dark ones. The website may automatically determine each image's width ahead of time, but you can still select the image's height. Since vertical pins tend to perform better on Pinterest, I recommend that you use an image's height to your advantage. 

Do not be afraid to add some words to your image, either, but when doing so, set an intention. Including text on your image can make your pins stand out by providing context for the user, but too much of a good thing is not always so good. I suggest using short, easy-to-read phrases on your images that help put your pin into a context for the user, such as a step-by-step tutorial, listicle, or an explanation of the image. 

About Krishen Iyer 

Krishen Sauble Iyer is a renowned California entrepreneur with nearly two decades of experience in marketing and contracting. After graduating from San Diego State University in 2003, Iyer began working in insurance marketing. He founded Managed Benefits Services, a consulting firm that helps insurance clientele brainstorm innovative strategies to market their organizations. Iyer continues to work with insurance clients at MAIS Consulting Services, a brand new consulting agency. When he is not working, Iyer can be found either watching or playing soccer or golf. 

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