Zach Machuca’s Systems Propelled Him To $100k/mo in 8 months
(Photo : Zach Machuca)

Now, whether this is a confirmed quote by the painter of Les Femmes d'Alger that sold for $179.4 million at Christie's in May 2015 does not detract from its accuracy. At least from my experience, it is one of the most strikingly obvious similarities among the most successful people today. Yesterday I spoke with Zach Machuca on Zoom regarding his rapid rise to millionaire status through his company's systems and technological automations that propelled him to $100k/mo in 8 months at age 30. 

Before touching on his companies, it's worth noting that within 5 minutes of our call Zach's most obvious attribute was apparent - his glaring "Action" driven mindset. That, "whatever it takes" mentality. Although this can have potential downsides, like rash decisions, he seems to have the entrepreneurial rashness in check; his brother Alex may balance it out. This yin and yang seems to be highly calculated, and of course a large factor in the success of Zachy® and auto Nurture, companies that Zach is the Founder and CEO of (take note mindset delvers!). 

Zachy® is a top-rated consulting firm with operational subsidiaries specializing in critical hiring as well as lead generation for businesses. auto-Nurture followed suit, solving a major problem for mortgage brokers - leads, but more specifically, automated leads without the need of laborious cold calling. To tackle this popular problem of lead generation, Zach's shtick is his tech, automations and systems, which we'll touch on soon.  

It comes at no surprise auto-Nurture appears to have the deepest automations and systems out of both companies. Zapier is their best friend, and having mastered the entire nurturing process for their leads, they implemented the same systems within the sales funnels of their mortgage broker clients. This led to their personal success of reaching $100k/mo in 8 months with a roster of client success stories that they confidently guarantee can be replicated for new clients. One client on their website even mentioned that "It's been amazing. You guys do all the set up and all I have to do is pay attention to my calendar. All the work is done for me."

Zach says rather than improving human tasks with technology, they have taken the approach of improving technology with the human touch. By improving automation with human input, auto-Nurture has built  the most-human like experience possible for every lead generated. 

Currently A.I hasn't taken over the world - thank goodness! They sharply monitor all sequences for their mortgage broker clients and step in whenever the need arises with specialist team members. auto-Nurture uses their tech and software suite such as Zapier to ensure every lead experience is a fluid one-on-one process. Wherever technology cannot follow-up on, auto-Nurture is sure to be there.

In a nutshell Zach says auto-Nurture is perfect for brokers who rely on referrals and want to increase their volume but do not want the unnecessary burden of cold-calling. This fully eliminates the need for cold-calling, yet generates a greater ROI. 

For some backstory, Zach Machuca (born Oct 16, 1990) Fair Lawn, New Jersey, attended Wingate University, where he studied marketing, played soccer, but more importantly where he became a member of The Kairos Society - a student-startup organization and a global community of top students and global leaders who aim to solve the world's greatest challenges. This membership would kick start his entrepreneurial journey, leading to the Founding of Zachy®, his consulting firm, that specializes in critical hiring, and from there, auto-Nurture. 

Zach's father was an immigrant and entrepreneur. Living under the same roof meant that Zach witnessed daily what hard work can truly accomplish. However, due to the recession, Zach also witnessed someone close losing everything, despite being at an early age. This would be one of the pivotal moments in Zach's life, as he made a promise with his brother Alex (founder of Lyncrest Media), that they would never allow their family to suffer financially again. 

Zach's story is evidence that with strong motive, relentless action, the correct systems, and well tuned automations, you can achieve financial success, and scale a business to fulfill what some may even call the American dream. 

Zach Machuca can primarily be found on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

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