Tech Upgrades That Make Your Home the Best on the Block
(Photo : Tech Upgrades That Make Your Home the Best on the Block)

With technology penetrating virtually all aspects of our lives, it has finally come to the home, where various gadgets and devices are popping up everywhere in attempts to give us more convenience and safety. There is also the "cool" factor that technology can deliver. Here are some of the coolest gadgets and additions that you can put in your home.

Remote Controlled Shades

Want to keep out the sun or block people from peering into your home but you don't necessarily want to get off your couch? Why not install remote controlled shades throughout your home? The typical brand has an insulation rating of nearly double that of traditional window coverings. They can be controlled from anywhere through the app that the brand provides. You can close or open them from your couch, a different room, or even a different state. The ability to control them completely remotely is a great option if you want to make it look like someone is home when you're not really there.

Smart Appliances

Whether you need a stove, refrigerator, or even a washing machine, manufacturers have developed ways to make them all smart. If you want a home that is on the cutting edge of technology, these are what you need. You'll be able to alter cooking temperatures automatically, start the washer without even being home, and get text reminders when you are close to or have run out of your favorite foods in the refrigerator.

Home Lifts

If you or someone in your home has mobility issues, or if you simply would not have to burden yourself with constantly walking up and down the stairs, you may want to look into having home lift experts install a lift for you. Not only are they ultra-convenient, but they are easy on the electricity bill as well. In fact, they consume as much energy as the average home appliance.

Robotic Garden Hose Winder

If you have ever spent time in the garden or watering your lawn with a hose, you know what a pain it is to have to wind the hose back up when you are done using it. If you spend a lot of time doing these activities, you may want to invest in a robotic hose winder. All you do is press the button either on the device itself or via the accompanying remote control and not only does it wind itself back up, but it shuts the water off after a predetermined amount of time as well.

Smart Garage Doors

Sure, there are already garage door openers that work remotely, but they are limited in distance. You have to be sitting in your driveway for them to work. With a smart garage door, you can use the app to open the door when you are away from home. This works great if you need to open the door temporarily for deliveries or for other visitors. By using the technology that is available to you, you are sure to have a home that is the envy of all of your neighbors.

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