Petey Vid Offers Game-Changing Privacy and Options in the Video Search Engine Arena
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Many times the public is duped into believing that the most popular name brand product is the best. When it comes to search engines, for instance, Google and Bing come to mind. And in terms of online videos, YouTube seems to be the standard. But what if there was a video search engine that focused on privacy? And what if this search engine targeted non-YouTube, uncensored, and non-biased videos on 70+ platforms? Game-changer, right? Well, these capabilities are here with Petey Vid.

So, here's the problem with always looking to the most popular brand and not venturing out--you deprive yourself of what could be a better product for your needs. In the case of search engines and online video platforms, bigger is not always better.  For instance, being the biggest, most well-known brand can bring privacy issues, concerns with algorithms, and censorship.

Focusing on correcting these issues is how Petey Vid came to be. If you're looking for search engine alternatives that don't harbor all of the concerns present with the big guys, Petey Vid provides the diversity and privacy you want.

Petey Vid is not the only search engine alternative to Google, but CTO and founder Chris Stadler says his product has specific capabilities. For one, Stadler says Petey Vid allows users to search 70+ major video platforms, not just YouTube. Stadler also says Petey Vid offers unique and independent media content from newer outlets that cannot be found using other video search engines.

Petey Vid also offers the ability to search for videos that have been removed from YouTube using the Wayback Machine---a long-running digital archive of the world wide web. Additionally, Petey Vid has multilingual capabilities and supports legacy media, aging media programs such as RealPlayer, QuickTime, and Windows Media.

Other features include duration filtering options, grid/list view (switchable), and the option to sort searches. For example, with Petey Vid, you can search from oldest to newest and even search based on play duration. This feature is just one more reason Petey Vid is a viable alternative to the usual search engine choices.

Probably most important for many users is the level of privacy Petey Vid offers. Stadler says Petey Vid does not save IP addresses, does not use privacy-invasive cookies, and does not save search histories. These measures allow users to experience non-biased search results in a privacy-focused environment. As an alternative to selling user data, Petey Vid utilizes Patreon, donations in exchange for Petey merchandise, Amazon/eBay affiliate programs, and a monetized YouTube channel that reviews tech sites and products.

Surpassing a half-billion videos in their search algorithm, Petey Vid is a growing brand with unique content not found anywhere else. "We are happy to provide users with a crucial search tool to navigate and find videos they want regardless of their source, with the added bonus of searching in a safe and private manner," says CTO and founder Craig J. Stadler.

If you are concerned about privacy and need a video search engine with real capabilities, Petey Vid is your solution.

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