Evolution of blogging, and should I become a blogger in 2021?
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In connection with the pandemic in 2020, many people began to think more often about remote work and working on the Internet. This was why blogging became more popular, and more and more people wanted to try it. This has led to a significant development of the entire field as a whole, as more competition contributes to the quality of blogs. The work of bloggers today is not easy to call. However, this is still a popular and well-paid occupation.

Today, the quality of content should be at its best, as never before. This works exceptionally well when you have an expert blog. You can become an influencer among chefs, cosmetologists, lawyers, or, say, photographers. If everything is done correctly, over time, there will be fame and exciting offers. Yes, the audience for such accounts is narrower but loyal and segmented.

Because of these reasons, many people believe that making money by blogging is no longer a topic. It's all in the past. But is it true? Not so! Blogging is not too late to do today. And it will be possible to earn decent money in 100 years. You need to know how to start your blog and have a good The Blog Starter.

For an example, let's take a look at Adam Enfroy. 

He started his WordPress blog in July 2019 without quitting his main job. In 2019, he published 85 articles on his blog and 82 articles on other people's blogs (guest posting). 7 months after the launch, the income from the blog exceeded his income from his main job. So he quit and started working full-time only on his blog. And in September last year, he already had 450,000 monthly visitors and passive income from his blog on affiliate programs of more than $80,000 per month. He came to this in a little more than one year. He promoted his blog only with the help of SEO (search engine optimization). All of his traffic is from Google, Bing, and other search engines, but Google is the main source. Adam didn't spend a penny on advertising.

5 Things you Need to Know to Start a Profitable Blog in 2021.

1. It's never too late to start your blog

Don't be afraid to start your blog. If you keep thinking and thinking and thinking, you will never start earning money. Just get started! Take the first step. Dive headfirst. Learn and don't give up. And everything will work out! The main thing is to remember what exactly you will sell and collect the target audience. And become an expert in online sales and online marketing. If you can't do it yourself, contact the people who can help you, give you a couple of tips and tell you the best website builder.

2. There are a lot of niches and places for beginners

Many people think that now there are a lot of blogs already divorced. Why do I need another one? Well, what can I say new? Who will be interested in my blog?

Why, when a person wants to get a job as a manager, he does not think: "Well, where will I go to get a job? There are so many managers divorced." Someone who is looking for a job does not even have such thoughts. It just searches and finds.

After all, no one is ever stopped from looking for a job by the presence of a huge number of candidates and competitors. You don't think, well, since there are so many other sales managers, I'll become a homeless person, there's nothing to catch. And why then, as soon as it comes to how to start a blog or your business, everyone starts thinking: "Huge competition. Where am I going to go? There are so many bloggers out there! Who needs another one?" But, guys, there's enough room for everyone! The main thing is to find yourself, your voice, your niche. And you will have many fans.

3. Blogging is very profitable in 2021

Many Americans make a decent living from their blogs.

However, some do not mainly advertise this due to the fact that they do not want publicity. Do not be afraid. You will earn a living in any way. And if you do everything right, you will reach millions a month.

4. Blogging is freedom

If you also like to write, then God himself told you to earn it. Only here will it be necessary to master more online promotion and sales. Add a business to your activity to make money. Of course, just aimlessly writing will not lead to anything, but if you are pursuing the goal of earning money on this, you will have enough simple enthusiasm if this is just a hobby for you.

And when you start making money just by blogging, you will be completely free - you will work when you want, where you want, and as much as you want. You will become your own boss.

5. Blogging is available to everyone

Blogging is such a topic that there is no need for significant investments. Everyone can start their own WordPress blog. This will require a small contribution of money to pay for hosting. Well, in the initial stages, a lot of your time, because you will have to learn a lot.

After all, creating a blog and starting to write is not enough to start earning decently. It is still necessary to promote it - this is the most difficult. You also need to work hard on yourself to attract the reader's interest and attention.

And remember that you should not expect an instant return from the blog. The actions will have a cumulative effect. But with the help of a blog, you will get not a one-time but a permanent result: traffic growth, awareness, and increased audience loyalty. The effectiveness of blogging should not depend on the inspiration of the author or other circumstances. Therefore, I recommend making a plan for half a year ahead. First, prepare a list of topics, and create at least blanks for some of them. Then, dilute these articles with situational posts and current news. And good luck to you with this challenging task.

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