A PDF editor is a tool that is used to manipulate PDF files. The user can also create a new PDF file and apply other operations to it with the help of these tools. These software applications are mostly available online, but some companies also provide desktop versions. In this article, the reader will learn about some free PDF editors.

How Can I Edit a PDF Online?

There are different editing tools available in the market for the user. The PDF editors are differentiated based on their unique features. The user can edit a PDF file by using online, desktop, or mobile applications of these tools. While editing a PDF file, some features could be used for free, whereas to use advanced facilities, the user has to pay for them.

The subscription packages of free PDF editors vary from company to company. Editing a file is very easy across a PDF editor. The user has to import the file from the system or cloud storage on the area provided by the tool. After uploading the file, the user can apply different operations to the file. These functions could be editing, merging, splitting, and many others. 

After the editing is done, the user will save the file by clicking the download button on online apps. If the desktop app is being used, then simply save the file by pressing CTRL +S.

10 Best Free PDF Editors

In this article, the reader would be enlightened by different PDF editors. These platforms provide different functions that could ease the user's life. Following is the list of 10 best PDF editors that are selected depending upon the features provided by them.

1.      CocoDoc

2.      PDF Candy

3.      Smallpdf

4.      FormSwift

5.      pdfFiller

6.      Sejda

7.      PDFescape

8.      Adobe Acrobat

9.      PDF-XChange Editor

10.   Apple Preview

Best Online Free PDF Editors

1.    CocoDoc: The Best Online PDF Editor

It won't be wrong to say that CocoDoc is the best PDF editor because of its remarkable performance. CocoDoc is a platform that gets adjusted in all kinds of environments as it provides diverse features for every user. This tool is available online, so every operation applied on the file using CocoDoc would be done through the online interface easily.

10 Best Free PDF Editors

CocoDoc allows users to add a watermark to the file; along with this, users can apply different designs on the watermark to make it more attractive. It also enables the user to flip the PDF file. In this way, the user could arrange the pages that were unordered previously. This is a unique feature, and most tools do not provide such facilities. 

With the help of CocoDoc, the user can remove the encryption from the file and view or edit it.  Other than removing the encryption, the user can also apply passwords to documents by using CocoDoc. It suggests using 7 characters strong string to secure the files. There is no need to worry as CocoDoc uses modern methods to encrypt the documents that are impossible to decode by a layman.

This best PDF editor offers basic tools for free. For the use of advanced tools, the user has to subscribe to one of the three plans. It has a basic plan that comes with a price of $108/year for a single user. Under this plan, the user is given a space of 10G. 

If the user wants an upgrade, then a premium plan is best for him. This plan costs $144 annually. If this package is subscribed, then along with the basic features, the user would be able to sign 100 different documents electronically.

CocoDoc has a special package for office use. The business package charges $300 annually to the user. It allows an unlimited e-sign feature with 500G of storage to the user. There are numerous advantages of using this platform, the following are some of them.


  • CocoDoc is a widely available tool and supports diverse platforms. This tool is not only used by Windows users but also accessible to Linux and macOS users.
  • It has cloud storage. The user can do his work and save it on CocoDoc's cloud servers for later use. In this way, important files won't get lost.
  • It makes sure that the data of the user isn't compromised at any cost. CocoDoc provides bank-level security to its users so that there is no chance of breach of information.
  • CocoDoc has pre-built templates available on the online console. The user can select any template from the website and use it according to the requirement.


  • The only thing that goes against this tool is that it is not available in the desktop version. It means the user cannot use it while staying offline.

You can check this CocoDoc review post to know more cool features about it. Other than CocoDoc, there are different tools available in the market for the user that fulfills the need of editing a PDF file. The features and benefits of these tools are explained below:

Tap Here to Use Business Tailored PDF Features of CocoDoc  >> 

2. PDF Candy: Online Edit PDF For Free Using Vast Features

PDF Candy is an impressive online PDF editing platform that comes with 44 different tools to provide ease to the user. Like any other tool, it helps the user to create and edit a PDF file. This open-source PDF editor allows users to crop the pages of the document according to the demand of the user. It also facilitates the user by allowing the resizing of the pages in any PDF file. 

10 Best Free PDF Editors

With the help of this feature, the user can create symmetry in the documents as all the pages and images would be of the same size. The user can also rearrange the pages in the document by using PDF Candy. It also has an OCR feature for free to the user. According to different reviews of the people, this tool has limited options for editing the text in a file. The paid version of this tool costs $48/year.

3. Smallpdf: Online Free PDF Editor with Secure Features

Smallpdf is a free PDF editor that is available worldwide for all platforms and every kind of user. This tool is considered best for converting files. Along with the basic features of creating and editing, it also allows the user to compress the files. In this feature, the user can reduce the size of any file.

10 Best Free PDF Editors

This allows the user to share the compressed file with anyone. It is a beneficial function for those people who want to send files but are unable to do so because of the large size of the files. Smallpdf is mostly used by students regularly as it is an easy-to-use tool.

The best-suited package for students is the pro plan, and it costs $108/year. This platform has a limitation; it does not provide a variety of fonts to the user. Other than this, it only allows 2 documents to be processed in a day in its free version.

4. FormSwift: Online Best PDF Editor with eSigning

FormSwift is an online tool that edits PDF files with quite ease. The user can manipulate a document after uploading it to the area provided by this app. It only requires one click to import the file. This is a simple tool that enables the user to create new documents by using simple features.

10 Best Free PDF Editors

There is no need to go under training before using this platform as it does not comprise any complex functionality. This platform is perfect for people who only require general tools to play with. This is a cloud base service that is suitable for personal and business use.

Different platforms like Forbes, Tech Crunch, The Huffington Post, and The Next Web recognize it as a competitive tool. The disadvantage of FormSwift is that it does not allow the user to change the existing text in a file. Other than this, it comes with limited text editing tools. The basic plan of this tool comes with a price of $89 per year.

5. pdfFiller: Create and Edit PDF For Free Online with Efficiency

pdfFiller is a competitive tool with all other tools available in the software industry. With the help of a pdfFiller, the user can edit the text written in any PDF file. It saves the time of the user by providing all necessities under one roof. It allows the user to send the document to other fellow members and ask them to electronically sign it instantly.

10 Best Free PDF Editors

The desktop version of this tool sends notifications to the user related to the document. This keeps the user updated about the document. The user can share the link of a particular file with the client and ask for their feedback related to the document. It provides security to the user according to the US federal security standards. It offers a basic plan that only costs $96 per year.

6. Sejda: Multiple Features In One Online Free PDF Editor

Sejda is an easy-to-use tool that supports all versions of Windows. It is available for both online users and desktop application users. The online application of Sejda is free to use, while to use the desktop version, the user has to pay after a regular interval of time. It also enables the user to create PDF forms that are used for legal purposes.

It allows the user to edit unlimited documents with its online application. When using Sejda, there is no page or time limit for the user. The PDF editor, Windows version comes with a price of $63 that is to be paid annually. Users feel that this tool is not safe to use as it does not maintain the integrity of the data. Other than this, the interface of this tool is not as user-friendly as other tools. 

Best Free PDF Editors for Windows

1. PDFescape: Best PDF Editor for Both Online and Windows

PDFescape is an outstanding choice to make when choosing an editing tool as it is used to edit PDF for free. It provides storage space of 10MB to its user for free. Along with this, it allows 100 pages to be edited without paying a penny. It enables the user to share documents with team members to edit the document collectively. 

Its online version is compatible with Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Microsoft Edge. It is recognized by different forums that include Mashable, Cnet, Life Hacker, and PC World. The users looking for advanced features can buy its Premium Package that costs $36 for a year.

For office purposes, it offers an ultimate package that costs $72 per year. To use this package, the user has to download its Windows application. The users who want to create a document with the tool are not provided a large number of fonts.

2. Adobe Acrobat: Free PDF Editor Download for Windows

Adobe Acrobat is a great tool available for Windows users for PDF editing purposes. This tool comes with a price of $155.88/year for Acrobat Standard DC and $179.88/year for Acrobat Pro DC. This tool is widely used by big organizations because it has remarkable features and facilities. 

Considering the price, it is assumed as an expensive tool for personal or small business environments. But if one compares the features provided by this tool, then he would consider it worth buying. With the help of this tool, the user can create, edit, and merge a PDF file.

Like other Adobe tools, the interface of this PDF editing tool is very attractive and easy to understand. Adobe provides OCR technology to scan printed documents and edit them as per requirement.

3. PDF-XChange Editor: Convenient Free PDF Editor Download Windows

PDF-XChange is a portable software application. It means the user can download it on a flash drive or install it into the device like regular software applications. In both cases, it works fine. It uses OCR technology for the identification of the content written in the file. It allows the user to add a QR code to the document.

10 Best Free PDF Editors

It is compatible with Windows version 7, 8, and 10. It is a free tool, but it only provides limited features for its free users. To utilize advanced tools, the user has to buy the license of PDF-XChange Editor. In its free version, it adds a watermark by itself at the bottom of the document. It is only available for Windows users. This platform requires a one-time payment depending upon the selection of maintenance by the user. It costs $46 with 1 year of maintenance.

Best Free PDF Editor for Mac

Apple Preview: Open Source PDF Editor For Mac

As the name implies, this tool is designed for macOS and works on all versions of mac. It won't be wrong to call it a PDF editor Mac tool. This tool is available for free for Apple users and is pre-downloaded on the Macbook, so there is no need to worry about the credibility of this tool. Other than editing a PDF file, it allows the user to sign the document using the e-sign tool. 

While editing a file, the user can attach sticky notes containing important reminders to the document that would help in the future. Apple Preview is a powerful tool for people who use mac. It works the same way as any other Apple application would. One of the drawbacks of this tool is that it is not available for different platforms.

How to Choose the Best Free PDF Editor

A good PDF editing software application must hold certain factors to fulfill all the requirements of the user. Before choosing PDF editors, the user must check whether the following elements are present in the tool or not.

  • A PDF editing tool will be considered good if it offers exceptional features to not only edit a file but also manipulate it in different ways.
  • The main concern of every user is the security of their private data. A good PDF editor will make sure that no data of the user is shared or sold to any third party.
  • It would be beneficial for the user if these tools are integrated with Google cloud storage servers. In this way, the user would be able to share files easily.
  • In companies, people prefer those tools that allow online collaborations. A good editing tool would be one that will allow the user to collaborate with team members.


In this article, we have presented some of the finest PDF editors. After reading this article, the user would be able to choose a suitable PDF editing tool for themselves. According to our opinion CocoDoc, a free PDF editor, is at the top of the provided list because it has numerous features that other tools fail to provide.

PDF editors not only enable the user to simply edit a PDF file but provides multiple editing operations that could be applied to the files. Other than this, the user can also compress, split and merge different PDF files. The user must check the tool thoroughly before using it.

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