Buying a used vehicle can cause problems to you if it is stolen from someone or severely damaged. Due to the rise in technology, many free VIN lookup websites deliver vehicle history from credible sources. The information will include its service history, damaged parts, accident history, and inspection details.

This can help you in making a worthy decision in buying vehicles. This article explains a VIN check free, VinPit, along with other alternative free history reporters.

Why Do I Need a Free Vehicle History Report?

There are multiple reasons why you should find a vehicle history report before you buy a car. This helps you know whether the car is worth the asked price or if it's a damaged useless car. Here, we have put some major points on why determining a car report is necessary for you.

  • Determine Accident History and Other Damage

One major reason why you need to run a VIN check and find a history report is to determine the accident and other damage histories of the car. The history reporters find out accident details from vehicle departments, repair shops, law enforcement agencies, and insurance companies. You will also find out if the car has suffered any flood, fire, or other permanent damages.

  • Find the Title History and Mileage

Another major detail in the history report is the car's salvage title. The title report informs if the car has been damaged badly in an accident or not. Cars with a salvage title are highly damaged, so it will get better for you to know the worst vehicle. Moreover, the report also shows the odometer reading that you can match with the mentioned reading by the car owner.

  • Get the History of Owners and Services

The report also tells you if your car has one previous owner or multiple owners. A Car previously owned by multiple people might have a major issue with it. So, the report tells you which car should be ignored from buying. Moreover, the report also shows the maintenance record of the car and if it has been treated and maintained properly or not.

  • Uncover the Registration and Inspection Details

Every state requires car owners to renew their registration. Moreover, another state regulates the owners to do safety, emission, and other inspections on a periodic schedule. Due to this, registration and inspection history are also clearly mentioned in the history report. You can check it to determine the unusual long breaks from registration that indicate theft of the car.

  • Determine the Open Recalls to Car Owner

The manufacturer of the car often recalls the owner if there is any default damage in the car. The repair or replacement of the vehicle part is done by the manufacturing company. The vehicle report shows how many times the car owner was recalled by the manufacturers. This is a helpful factor for your safety, and you can call out the owner to ask the reason for recalls.

How to Get a Vehicle History Report Online with VinPit

VinPit is a free vehicle history report online that decodes the information of a car, motorcycle, or ATV with the help of its VIN. The website can be accessed by any device and only requires a decent internet connection. VinPit helps you know about your car history and know deeply about your car's condition before you buy it. This VinPit review would get you to know more about performing efficient VIN checks.

How to Get a Vehicle History Report Online

The vehicle history via VinPit informs the user about a poorly serviced car, vehicle with a salvage title, and highly damaged car. It also enables the user to know the estimated price of your desired car. Moreover, the report also conveys if the car has been reported as stolen and has accidental records.

Here, we will explain how to search to get a vehicle history report of any vehicle via its VIN code.

Step 1: To find a history of any car, you need to locate its VIN number, which is usually written beside the engine.

Step 2: Now, enter the extracted VIN number into the vehicle history report bar of VinPit website and press the "sSart Search" button.

Step 3: After a few minutes, VinPit will present your vehicle history from its extensive database that you can download and share with anyone.

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How to Get a Free CARFAX Report?

CARFAX helps to get the history report of vehicles registered in America. The report shows multiple kinds of information about a car, including major accidents of the car, mileage covered, structural damage, and multiple owners of the car.

You can also find which car is a total loss for you. Moreover, CARFAX predicts the selling price of the car so you can estimate your profit or loss on its basis. Following are the different ways that can be pursued to get a free CARFAX report.

1. You can shop at the used car listing site on CARFAX, where the listed cars already have a free vehicle history.

2. You can also try visiting other sites like AutoTrader and as they offer free CARFAX for used vehicles.

3. Another way is to visit your dealer's site and look for the connections with CARFAX used cars history. In case you don't see the link, ask the dealer to provide you a free CARFAX history report of your desired car.

4. You can also search directly from the CARFAX site and add the VIN number of any vehicle to get its history report.

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How to Do a Free VIN Lookup?

Finding information about cars and preparing the whole report comes at a price. However, some ways offer free VIN lookup of your vehicle. Here, we have explained two sources that find vehicle data completely free.

National Insurance Crime Bureau

NICB is an American national non-profit organization that finds out much information, including a car history via its VIN. NICB informs if the car has been stolen at some point and prepares the theft report. Moreover, if its structural condition is highly damaged, then the report shows the total loss of a buyer.

How to Get a Vehicle History Report Online

Moreover, the damage of cars such as floods, fire, or any accident is also reported in the information report. However, the database of NICB also consists of cars that are either reportedly lost or stolen. It also has a limit of 5 searches in a day with one IP address.


VehicleHistory is another option for a free VIN lookup on any car. It shows the recall history of the car, which informs the user about manufacturing defects in the car. If he buys it, he can keep an eye on updates by contacting the company for replacement of ownership details in their records.

How to Get a Vehicle History Report Online

The website also tells the selling price of the car that gives a price idea to the user. Moreover, you can also find out the predicted good time to buy a certain make and model of the car. VehicleHistory determines the expiry dates of manufacturer warranties which keeps you updated about your car's service contract.

It also ranks different vehicles according to their qualities and also helps in comparison of two cars. You can easily determine the superlative car with good qualities between the two cars.

Other Free Vehicle Information Sources

Apart from explaining VIN check and car history reporting sites, the following are some other sources that provide free vehicle information to people via VIN.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)

NHTSA is an organization of the US federal government whose purpose of establishment was to help in reducing the number of deaths, economic and local losses, and injuries caused due to automobile crashes. It helps the individual to develop safety standards.

The agency gives an extensive report of injuries, speeding, fatalities, and alcohol-related accidents. Its mission is to lessen the accidents ratio. It has a record of all open recalls of vehicles and their safety ratings.

Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS)

IIHS is another source for finding information about your vehicle. It is a non-profit organization sponsored by auto insurance companies. It helps in reducing crashes, accidents of vehicles, the rate of injuries, and aggregate property damage due to incidents.

It performs a comprehensive testing program on vehicles which tests vehicle's quality and all flaws. IIHS also evaluates fair ratings that can guide you a lot about certain vehicles and their working condition.

Kelly Blue Book (KBB.COM)

KKB is a California-based company that deals in vehicle evaluation and research. This company is also entrusted with its accurate pricing prediction. It is famous for providing a fair market range and fair purchase price based on what others are paying for the vehicle.

Kelly Blue Book provides a list of trade-in value, pre-owned cars, and private party value. The website rates and gives reviews to different vehicles, which play a key role in guiding the user about a good and worthy car.


What is the best free VIN check site?

VinPit is considered the best free VIN check website as it is highly accessible for all people and provides actual information about vehicles. Moreover, VinPit provides extensive and additional information about a car, like its actual price, engine condition, fuel consumption, and damage details.

Which is better: CARFAX or VinPit?

VinPit informs the user about how well the car was kept after its manufacturing and determines all the accidents and damages to the car. However, these features are not present in CARFAX, which makes VinPit, a better and reliable source.

Is VinPit accurate?

The resource of VinPit is highly reliable as the website takes information from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). This information is submitted to the NHTSA through their manufacturers, which makes the site 100% trustworthy.

How can I get a free VIN check?

You can avail absolutely free car history reports from NICB, but it only allows 5 free searches within 24 hours. However, you can use VinPit for unlimited information and extensive report history of the vehicle.


The article concludes a wide range of information about several VIN check and free car history report websites. We have mentioned the reasons why one should run a lookup for a history of the used car before he initiates its purchasing. This leads to a safe investment in your car and saves you from unwanted problems.

Moreover, the article explains free vehicle history check websites and a widely-famous website, VinPit. In the end, few frequently asked questions are answered to solve people's general queries.

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