You may come across the long sequence of numbers or letters on your car, but have you ever tried to understand its meaning and the reason behind it? VIN is a unique code that stores the history of the vehicle throughout its life. It is the most valuable tool to identify your car from big databases. There are many VIN decoders that allow you to check VIN numbers for free. 

In this article, we will list out the following 10 best VIN decoders for free VIN lookup. 

1. VinPit


3. EpicVIN

4. AutoCheck

5. CarVertical

6. ClearVin

7. Cebia

8. autoDNA


10. VinAudit

What is a VIN Number? 

The VIN number of your vehicle is a combination of numbers and letters that is assigned to every vehicle. It provides specific information such as year, model, country, make, factory, and serial number. 

The first digit tells us the origin country, whereas the second and third digit indicates the vehicle type, manufacturer, and manufacturing division. Digits from 4 to 8 tell about the vehicle's body type, model, engine, restrain system, and transmission type. Digit 9 confirms an accurate VIN. 

The tenth digit of a VIN indicates the year of the vehicle when it was made, and several numbers and letters are used here. Digit 11 shows which plant assembled the vehicle. Ultimately, digits 12-17 represent the unique identification number of the vehicle. 

What is a VIN Decoder?

As the VIN holds all the relevant details about your vehicle, a VIN decoder is needed to extract the details. It helps in the cases of buying or selling your vehicles with all its history in hand. All you need to enter the VIN. After some time, you will get every single statistic related to that model of the vehicle. 

VIN decoder assists you by providing the vehicle's year, country of manufacturing, model, and all other theft or accident cases. In simple words, it removes all the doubts you might have about a vehicle. The VIN decoder constantly updates the information placed in the VIN number, so it will always provide you with accurate data. 

The Best VIN Decoders

You can look up the VIN number online for free by accessing a suitable website. For that purpose, we have listed the 10 best VIN decoders.


It is the most resourceful website that can crack the VINs of vehicles, motorbikes, and other moving engine bodies. This VIN decoder is easy-to-use that requires an internet connection and a browser to access it.

10 Best Vin Decoders to Check VIN Number for Free in 2021

VinPit has a large database that spreads across the 50 states of the U.S. For this reason, as long as the vehicle is available in the U.S, you are restricted from getting the information. The decoder also offers its other features such as VIN Check and License Plate Lookup.

VinPit shows you detailed information about the vehicle, including model, transmission, country, and more. In addition, it also shows you accident reports, theft, market value, or insurance. This decoder is beneficial to choose from, as it ensures that the vehicle is safe and does not have any records for malicious activities. You can use their customer support in case of any query and help.

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CARFAX is the legal source to get authentic reports of your vehicle history. It helps the used vehicle shoppers to build better buying choices.

10 Best Vin Decoders to Check VIN Number for Free in 2021

CARFAX provides a wide range of detailed vehicle reports from the largest cross-border vehicle history databases. It will improve the used car markets. The site identifies the issues related to the used import cars that reduce the risks of buying a vehicle with hidden problems. 

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EpicVIN provides written information such as model, year, trim, make, type, body style, and country where the vehicle is manufactured. It is a suitable site for dealers and their clients. 

10 Best Vin Decoders to Check VIN Number for Free in 2021

This VIN decoder offers to deliver the precise and thorough details of the car without charging extra for reporting. It uses the source of NMVTIS, which has vast databases in the U.S. EpicVIN facilitates its users with user-friendly and efficient service. 

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This VIN number check site provides you basic details of the vehicle, including its country of manufacturing, model, make, or year. AutoCheck helps the users to check and compare the vehicles to buy the right one. 

10 Best Vin Decoders to Check VIN Number for Free in 2021

It provides a detailed list of information that is collected from reliable sources. You can take a closer look before making a final decision about any car. It can be backed by an Experian to make your protected purchase with Buyback protection. This is an automated vehicle history report approach to access the history of a vehicle based on its VIN number. 

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The rapidly growing VIN decoder CarVertical implements new technologies to process and provide the data to the users. It provides full-length vehicle history reports, including title records, accidents, damages, genuine mileage, market price, and much more. 

10 Best Vin Decoders to Check VIN Number for Free in 2021

carVertical uses only up-to-date data and special techniques to check the data quality. Don't risk your safety and put the vehicle's VIN on carVertical, which offers tamper-proof reports based on blockchains. Moreover, the site is less costly than the other competitors.

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ClearVin brings the trusted information to the buyers of the used cars, trucks, and other vehicles. It includes information like robbery, repairs records, details of ownership, and insurance information. 

10 Best Vin Decoders to Check VIN Number for Free in 2021

ClearVin is an easy and competitive car VIN decoder in its cost, reliability, and load to generate the history of car data. Moreover, the site offers a money-back guarantee in case of errors in the report. It offers a free recall lookup system that helps in car-buying decisions. The site has a customer-responsive support system that is always present to help. 


Cebia is a VIN decoder that offers its services to both sellers and buyers of used vehicles. It confirms the safe selling or purchase of used cars with flexible price options for various available packages of the report. This VIN decoder accesses the information from the database of 1 billion vehicles and shows it to the user by swift reporting service. 

10 Best Vin Decoders to Check VIN Number for Free in 2021

The site provides the sellers a special option to spend on Cebia report certificates for the assurance of the credibility of the cars they sell. It has many pricing plans that serve almost every type of person. 


It is the largest site that provides car history reports and other information on VIN numbers. autoDNA checks millions of records at a reasonable price. It claims to provide the exact data that car buyers really need. The reports comprise only verified information from the trusted sources.

10 Best Vin Decoders to Check VIN Number for Free in 2021

autoDNA has a major benefit in that it maps information about used cars from Europe and the U.S, so you can use this site to check cars from different markets. The site's menu bar includes options like Help Center, How to Buy?, Vehicle History, and Sample Reports, which makes it much more responsive and informative. is a car research service that offers free car history reports as one of the paid services from Carfax and its competitors. Its job is to make complete vehicle history reports available to as many consumers as possible by offering these services for free.

10 Best Vin Decoders to Check VIN Number for Free in 2021

This free VIN test service enables consumers to use the latest information technology to prevent fraud and unsafe vehicles and to help prevent the re-sale of stolen vehicles.


You will get the straight data history of your car without any hassle with the help of VinAudit. It includes some main fields such as title, salvage, junk, robbery records, insurance records, and title brands. The dealers can also view the estimated market value of the vehicle and the owner's cost.

10 Best Vin Decoders to Check VIN Number for Free in 2021

VinAudit has several agreements for car dealerships that make them affordable to hand over clients free VinAudit reports. It is the most approachable vehicle history report on the market. 

Benefits to Choose the Best Vin Decoder 

VIN plays an important role throughout the life of a vehicle as it tells you a lot of information about your vehicle. Here are a few benefits to choose the best VIN decoder.

  • Eliminates the Assumptions

Vehicles have a complex structure inside, so it is not easy to identify the features and specs of a specific vehicle. An advanced VIN decoder will help you to do a free VIN lookup and provide all the available vehicle details.

  • Claims the Year Make Model

Most car insurance providers require clients to give the VIN number before insuring them. It is a sort of guarantee to the insurance provider that they are insuring the correct vehicle. 

  • Saves the Time

With the help of a VIN decoder, you can easily identify all the details, which is a much more efficient and time-saving solution rather than doing it manually.

  • Origin of the Vehicle History

VINs are unique and give you the vehicle's history of its whole life. It is always needed when you are dealing with used vehicles. 

  • Discovers Open Recalls

You can identify the year, make, and model of the vehicle using its VIN number, which is helpful while buying a used vehicle. 

Where Can I Find My Car's VIN Number?

On the latest cars, the VIN number is generally repeated in at least several places. The most common location to find your car's VIN number is where the windshield meets the dashboard on the side of the driver. You can view it by standing outside the car or look around the area where the door is fastened to the car. 

Moreover, you can find your motorcycle's VIN on the steering neck under the handlebars. A semitrailer's VIN is placed on the semitrailer's front part on the left side. If you are unable to find the VIN number on the vehicle, then find it on your vehicle's title, registration card, or liability insurance documents. 

How Does VIN Decoder Help Me to Buy a Car?

The VIN search is very helpful to purchase a car as it keeps track of the information. Every event that happened to a vehicle is recorded using that VIN number of a vehicle. Buyers who are searching for a used car should always get a vehicle's VIN before buying.

A VIN number reveals the country, model, year, and other specifications of the car. VIN decoder provides reliable information about the car's history to protect you from scams. Furthermore, you will also get accidental and theft history, unreported vehicle damage, and other vital information related to a car. In simple words, the car's VIN unlocks all the secrets of its past, which makes it an extremely useful tool. 

Is VIN Decoder Useful for My Business?

Like a human's fingerprint, which is unique to each person, the VIN number of a vehicle is unique and contains accurate information about your vehicle. It is extremely useful to eliminate your stress and increase the profit in your business. Following are the reasons why the VIN decoder is useful for business.

  • Comfort to Do Quoting, Reporting, and Invoicing

VIN decoders facilitate you to get quick and detailed information about the vehicle that you want on your reports, your client's account screens, and your invoices. It also decodes and classifies the vehicles based on year, makes, and model.

  • Facility in Transportation Plans

You can get to know the accurate weight, length, width, and height of a vehicle with the help of VIN decoders before the movement. It also helps you while coordinating the shipment of the vehicles.

  • Delivers Manufacturer's Warranty Data

VIN identifies the components of the vehicles that are still under the manufacturer's warranty. It will affect the owner's decision to move on with the service or not. 

  • Aids in International and National Enterprise Operations

The VIN database program provides the relevant data of a new vehicle. It supports the OEM contracts in the transportation of vehicles before they appear on a dealership's lot for a general public sale. 


What is a Car History Report?

The car history report gives you all its specifications, fuel efficiency, market value in a free VIN lookup. It also shows the details of the owner of the car, title and registration info, accident and theft history, repairs of the car, and more.

Where Do VIN Lookups Take Information From?

A 17-character VIN number provides you an instant report on the vehicle's brand, model, year, manufacturer, body style, engine size, and model year. All this information is issued by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration from the data put forward by the manufacturers. 

What Can a Scammer Do with a Vin Number?

Scammers have formulated the method of 'Cloning' a VIN number to make a stolen car appear legal. They make a new VIN plate with a fake title and then sell the car to an unsuspecting buyer, who may not find out they have a "Clone" until an accident or the car was taken over.

Is It Safe to Use a Vin Decoder?

It is always safe to share the VIN number with buyers at the time of sales as it is not like any social security number. So, you can use a VIN decoder to get a full report on the entered VIN number of your vehicle. 


This article has listed the top 10 best VIN decoders for free VIN lookup. It is always a wise decision to get a full-length report on the condition of the vehicle which you are going to buy. That is why VIN decoders will help you to access the vehicle's basic details as well as theft, accident, insurance, and other records. All you need to enter the 17-characters VIN on a VIN decoder site that is suitable for you.

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