How GitiOnline is Emerging as a Big Competitor for Fashion Nova
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Clothing brand GitiOnline is relentless when it comes to providing high-quality fashion clothing and accessories to women around the world. Their most sought-after collections are featured on their Facebook and Instagram pages. They also manage a YouTube channel where they regularly post content to help women style their clothes and look more fashionable.

Trends come and go as time goes by, but Giti has made sure that it adapts to the changing trends and always keeps itself on track with the newest trends in fashion. Giti Online is an e-commerce store owned by Christopher Chong and established especially to cater to the fashion needs of women. They maintain a large inventory of trendy outfits and are popular for their plus-size clothing.

Before Giti started to take over the market, it started as a small retail store in Gainesville, Florida. They gained a lot of attention from fashion enthusiasts after they launched and quickly became one of the primary sources for fashionable clothes in the area. Once the business realized the potential to be a wholesaler, they upgraded to becoming a wholesaler, supplying clothes and accessories to new retail stores.

The switch from being a retailer to a wholesaler was a calculated move because they saw the rise in the number of new retail stores and aspiring entrepreneurs. The common problem these retail stores had was not having access to a limited quantity of goods at affordable prices. Manufacturers usually require buyers to purchase products in bulk and hence Giti decided to step in and become an intermediary between manufacturers and retail stores. They bought in bulk from manufacturers and sold in small quantities to retail stores.

The success of Giti is phenomenal. But it would not have been possible without overcoming the problems they faced along the way. Most of the time, new business owners give up on their journey because things get complicated after a few months. However, Giti learned to thrive in difficulties and believed that they were meant for success.

In the early days, the business only received one to three orders every week. However, due to their years of hard work and consistency, they are able to receive thousands of orders from their extensive customer base. They also have an edge against big brands like Fashion Nova because they offer faster shipping and have captured the attention of fashion enthusiasts by working with micro-influencers on social media platforms.

Giti takes pride in the fact that the business has grown from nothing to more than 30 employees working together to achieve a common goal. They are truly grateful to their loyal customers. Despite the pandemic, the e-commerce store has been able to grow and expand its operations.

Another accomplishment that the store is proud of is the fact that they are one of the biggest plus-size retailers in the online market. Plus-size clothes can be difficult to find, but Giti has extensive collections for curvy women. Their plus-size clothes include dresses, denim, bodysuits, rompers, bottoms, and swimwear.

After years of having been involved in the fashion industry, Giti has persevered and won the trust of many customers. The store makes a conscious effort to deliver the best in everything it does. There is attention to every small detail and they truly care for their customers.

Giti has mastered the use of social media as a platform to build trust and market its products. They are committed to adding value to users and use social media to attract and retain customers.

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