Walnut founders Yoav Vilner and Danni Friedland
(Photo : Walnut founders Yoav Vilner and Danni Friedland)

"OK, so I'm going to show you this incredible technology that is totally going to change your life. Fasten your seatbelts...here it comes!"

(Awkward silence)

"Ummm...this never happens, I promise. It usually works perfectly."

The Missing Link in Sales Demos

Product demos are a critical sales asset and crucial element of any customer-facing toolbox, especially in today's competitive SaaS sales ecosystem. However, a generic, non-personalized and buggy demo is every SaaS sales team's nightmare and can be a death knell for sales.

That's why sales teams often forgo live demos altogether, preferring alternatives like boring demo videos or product presentations on PowerPoint.

But the "safer" fallbacks are limited. Sales videos can be engaging, but they're not personalized and can be expensive to produce. Presentations are inexpensive and easy to customize, but they don't show the product in action. Neither alternative lets the prospective customer interact with the product.

Therefore, the vacuum between buggy live demos and non-interactive collateral was practically begging to be filled.

Walnut founders Yoav Vilner and Danni Friedland set out to change the paradigm, and let SaaS platforms have their perfect demo cake and eat it too.

As tech veterans, the need was clear to both of them. Danni is an experienced tech entrepreneur and who says that he's really a "hacker at heart". Yoav Vilner, the CEO, is a world-recognized startup mentor, entrepreneur, and marketing pioneer who has founded several successful companies. He is also a startup mentor in accelerators associated with Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, and the U.N, and writes for top US publications.

Yoav coined the name Walnut saying, "We believe that out of all of the challenges B2B companies face, demonstrating the product is the toughest nut to crack."

How Walnut cracks the nut

Founded in January 2021, Walnut created a failure-free codeless platform that enables a seamless remote sales process.

Since the demos take place in an encapsulated environment, they don't bug, crash, or update. It eliminates the risk from live demos while preserving all of their benefits. Moreover, the prospect can engage with the demo first-hand without speaking any rep, and the team leaders finally have clarity and insights into the entire process.

Walnut can be fully customized to address the needs and interests of a particular client or of a specific vertical without any help from back-end team members like graphic designers, product developers, and R&D.

Demos can be optimized and duplicated easily, giving sales teams complete control of the process and reducing the time and effort required for each sales demo. Sales teams can even share product demos with prospects or embed them on the company's website as a marketing tool.

"If the entire company gets behind making the sales experience great, customers win and revenue goes up. The Walnut Sales Experience Platform makes every interaction with the customer relevant the first time by allowing sales teams to show, share and optimize interactive product demos that are personalized," said Paul St. John, former VP WW Sales at GitHub.

The live demos really capture the product experience and enable the team to create a unique storyline for each client. In the post-Covid era, when more people are working from home, Walnut also makes it easy to do demos remotely. In addition, the platform offers smart analytics that gathers data from every demo and applies learnings and best practices to future demos, to boost sales conversion rates.

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