Gather's Ecosystem Aims To Revolutionize Digital Advertising
(Photo : Gather's Ecosystem Aims To Revolutionize Digital Advertising)

Gather's Ecosystem Aims To Revolutionize Digital Advertising

Gather's main network release (Mercury) on April 30 inaugurated the first of the core product, Gather Online, which granted publishers and web owners a way to generate online revenue without the intrusive feature of subscription-based models present for content. Gather is a platform that allows publishers to monetize without the involvement of any ads providing businesses and developers access to affordable and reliable processing power.

The process begins by integrating Gather code on the website followed by directing users to the website. Web visitors' clicks then get processed to generate revenue for the website owner. All this is done using an in-browser processing power aggregator code that is integrated with Gather Online to make use of the visitors' processing power. In return, the proceeds can split between website users and the creators if Gather's loyalty program is activated by the publisher.

So why would the processing power be collected you may ask? Developers can use it to secure blockchains without the need to build their communities first. While businesses can also use it to deal with cloud-based computing solutions via Gather Cloud, ultimately bringing innovative new offerings to customers. As a result, companies can save on expenses down to 30% compared to other cloud computing providers, making it more affordable, accessible and relevant to end users.

Gather's digital monetization for businesses presents a new revenue model using the visitors' spare computing power to secure blockchains in exchange for an ad-free browsing experience compared to traditional advertising. It's a feasible framework that can immensely benefit businesses. UNICEF, for example, already used cryptocurrencies as a way to raise awareness about current humanitarian crises in an effort to raise funds for charitable causes.

The competitive edge Gather Online has over the traditional advertising model is its 1.4x revenue, generating from total network load, the number of sessions, session lengths and coin values. The income can sometimes go as high as 20x, which depends on many factors such as the length of the session.

This comparison of alternative to traditional ads emphasizes the benefits, high potential revenue, preventing unwanted ads as well as giving the users an improved overall rewarding experience.

Given the sheer size of the total addressable market (TAM) of live websites, this innovative technology opens up many prospects in the future as an alternative to traditional advertising. If users were willing to offer their computing power and if website owners could be trusted to limit the computing power requested, the implementation could scale far more effectively for everyone.

To learn more about the Gather ecosystem, visit their website.

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