Bath Box Accelerates to Multi-Million Valuation, Led by Australian Entrepreneurs Ashton Jude & Hannah Pereira
(Photo : Bath Box Accelerates to Multi-Million Valuation, Led by Australian Entrepreneurs Ashton Jude & Hannah Pereira)

One of the leading bath bomb brands in Australia, Bath Box, is reaching new highs in 2021. 

Founded in 2017, as a hobby run out of her apartment kitchen, entrepreneur Hannah Pereira (Co-Founder of Bath Box), didn't know at the time that her hobby would soon turn into a multimillion dollar brand in just a few short years.

Having moved to Melbourne, Australia from New York, USA, Hannah had struggled to find a skin care brand that could help with some of her skin issues. This led her to researching online about DIY skin treatments.

As she began creating skin care products for herself that were natural, cruelty-free and vegan-friendly, she posted some photos of them on social media and it was met with many people asking how they could get their hands on these products too.

This led to Hannah bringing serial entrepreneur, Ashton Jude, onboard the Bath Box team. Ashton led all things digital - managing the website, sales channels, online marketing, and social media.

"I never really thought it'd be possible to create my own business or brand from scratch, but as I began working on this, it started to appear more and more possible," explained Hannah Pereira. "And I also think that with the right team around you, anything is possible."

Driven by customer feedback, Bath Box continued to innovate their product lines and quickly launched several viral bath bombs. As the sales continued to grow, the team expanded with family member, Kim Pereira, coming onboard to manage product verticals and grow the product range.

Within months, Bath Box became Australia's 5-star rated luxury bath brand with several best selling items, led by their bath comfort accessories - the bath pillow and bath caddy products.

To maintain their roots of natural, handmade, cruelty-free and vegan products, Bath Box continues to manufacture the majority of their bath products in their Melbourne-based factory in Australia. This range includes their luxury bath bombs collection, bubble bath products, bath salts, and more recently, bath soaks.

Despite the surge of growth Bath Box has experienced online, during 2018 they did feature a traditional "brick-and-mortar" retail pop-up store at the local Westfield Southland in Melbourne. This endeavour was for a total of one month and it was through this period that Hannah and team were able to get hands-on direct feedback from customers.

Although the responses were positive, Hannah and team decided to continue on with their online-only channel, as they believed this was the only way to reach everyone in the country and drive faster sales growth.

The most striking point of Bath Box's success is its customer-centric focus. The brand always prioritizes the feedback of its esteemed customers. They are also ready to tweak their products to meet customer expectations and feedback. 

Especially during the recent pandemic, Bath Box continued to perfect their best selling product ranges.

Today, Bath Box is on track for yet another record year of over $5M sales, led by an ever increasing product collection. The serial entrepreneurs, Hannah Pereira & Ashton Jude continue to keep plans for a global expansion on the cards in the next few years, which excites many of their social media followers located in North America and Europe.

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