AccessiBe's search engine accessFind Is Launched to Help Those with Disabilities Find Accessible Websites
(Photo : AccessiBe's search engine accessFind Is Launched to Help Those with Disabilities Find Accessible Websites)

accessFind, a consumer-centric nonprofit initiative, provides the first ever search engine created specifically for users with disabilities. Set to launch in quarter three of 2021, accessiBe, the market leader in web accessibility, spearheads the project with leading disability-focused nonprofit organizations including United Spinal Association, Columbia Lighthouse For The Blind (CLB), The Viscardi Center, The IMAGE Center of Maryland, Earle Baum Center of the Blind, Determined2Heal, Senspoint, and others. 

"Through the creation of an accessible-friendly index of websites, we are creating a search engine built for the community, with the community. I know firsthand the challenges and subsequent frustration that comes with navigating the internet with a disability, which was call 'the web accessibility gap,' and this initiative will go a long way in helping to bridge that gap," said Michael Hingson, Chief Vision Officer of accessiBe. "Navigating millions of websites that were not built for our community - those with vision, motor, intellectual, and many other impairments - is a daunting and overwhelming experience. accessFind will empower this overlooked group of individuals by offering access to the full potential of the internet."

On average, people make 5.4 billion Google searches per day, and for those free of disabilities, they enjoy endless results and opportunities from search engine access. However, there are 1.2 billion people around the world who do not have this luxury due to a disability. Only 2% of all websites are accessible, making it extremely difficult to find an accessible website. 

accessFind will already have over 120,000 accessible websites from launch, and any accessible website is welcome to join the new search engine. Additionally, nonprofit organizations can still become a part of the founding members group. Visit for more information. 

"We hope that accessFind is another step forward in encouraging businesses and organizations to make their website accessible for all users and that every search engine follows accessFind's lead," said Michael Caprara, Chief Information Officer, The Viscardi Center. "

accessFind is just one of the initiatives accessiBe is rolling out as part of its public roadmap, where they detail goals such as educating and raising awareness towards a more accessible and inclusive internet, solve web accessibility problems through advanced technology, tools and services, and achieve its vision of making the internet accessible by 2025. 

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