To Feature Star-Studded Lineup Of Web Experts
(Photo : To Feature Star-Studded Lineup Of Web Experts)
Star-Studded Lineup Of Web Experts
(Photo : Star-Studded Lineup Of Web Experts)

To celebrate its fifth birthday, Elementor, the leading open source website builder platform, is hosting a free live virtual conference on June 16th for digital stakeholders that will feature keynote addresses from acclaimed marketing and business experts, including Gary Vaynerchuk, Seth Godin, and Swan Sit.

Keynote Speakers To Cover Web Creation & The Digital Outlook

As a celebration of its milestones, Elementor will be hosting a virtual conference titled #webcreators2021 on June 16th, 2021. The event, which will kick off at 11:00 AM EST, will be live-streamed and filled with content aimed at digital creators. 

The event will feature some of the most prominent names and thought leaders in digital marketing sharing their unique perspectives on a mix of issues, including Gary Vaynerchuk, Seth Godin, Swan Sit, and Elementor's own Ronit Cyjon. 

These addresses for web creators will focus on the soft skills that web professionals should embrace, how businesses must prepare to adopt more technology to ensure their sustained existence, and highlight Swan Sit's experiences and lessons from big brands.

Moreover, attendees will gain a firsthand look at Ronit's process for redesigning Elementor's digital presence. She will dive into finding the balance between its business and design needs when the company rolled out its newest website and how it was expertly crafted to serve eight million users.

According to Gary Vaynerchuk, a venerated serial entrepreneur and communicator who will be one of the event's keynote speakers, "When big changes happen in society, big changes in consumer behavior stick. Covid brought many people different ways to consume information and buy products and that doesn't change when we go back to life post-covid -- I am excited to talk more about this during the conference." 

Seth Godin, an acclaimed author and entrepreneur who will also be holding a keynote address, adds, "This conference is not about directing professional web creators to build advanced features, it's about enabling them the freedom to dream, to make a difference. Building the future of the internet requires an inclusive culture where individuality and collaboration meet to create possibility."

Star-Studded Lineup Of Web Experts

As Elementor passes the five-year mark since its conception, the prowess of its website builder platform has become indisputable, given its rapidly expanding footprint in the WordPress universe. According to the latest figures, Elementor is now the platform of choice behind nearly 5% of all websites built.

Today, Elementor features a global community of web professionals spread across 157 countries that together have constructed more than 8 million websites thanks to the platforms' highly inclusive solution that is code-free and open-source. 

Commenting on the upcoming digital conference, CEO and Co-Founder Yoni Lukensburg concludes, "Elementor unleashes the infinite creative power of web creators by giving them the tools they need to build professional websites, innovate and stretch their creative limits. Our passionate global community of web creators are highly talented, engaged, and supportive of each other and this event is for them."

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