WiseStamp vs. Exclaimer Review – What Is the Best Email Signature in 2021?
(Photo : WiseStamp vs. Exclaimer Review – What Is the Best Email Signature in 2021?)

Let's face it, writing and sending emails is time-consuming, and when it takes a massive chunk out of your day, it can become notoriously repetitive and even dull, too. 

Maybe you find the process so menial that you don't spare much time proofreading and editing. Or perhaps you run out of steam by the last few lines, so you sign off with a quick "cheers," and off it goes into the world of cyberspace, landing in your recipient's inbox. 

You've written it, it's legible, you've got your point across, and it's reached who it needs to. Job done, right?

Well, not always.

Yes, for any marketer or salesperson, sending emails takes up a lot of time; it's so commonplace, it's easy to forget the power you could wield in the process. 

When was the last time you considered the impact your email signature has on your business? Do you even have an email signature? If you don't, should you get one? 

There are lots of questions, and thankfully, some pretty straightforward answers. So, read on to explore this WiseStamp vs. Exclaimer review to find out more about their email signature services and see which ranks better...

Who's WiseStamp?

WiseStamp is designed with professionals in mind. This solution empowers businesses to generate and manage email signatures for their entire organization. 

According to their website, WiseStamp helps over 800,000  professionals across 194 countries take control of their brand via their email signature.

Whether you're a SaaS company, real estate agency, a consultantcy of any kind, an accountant - or, for that matter, any organization looking to promote their name and brand; no business is exempt from the importance of professional branding. With WiseStamp, you can make a lasting impression on your clients.

Who's Exclaimer?

Like WiseStamp, Exclaimer is a tool for businesses. If you want a polished, professional email signature, Exclaimer promises to offer you just that.

According to their website, the company has over twenty years of experience in the field. 

Like WiseStamp, Exclaimer's solutions are pretty versatile, meaning no matter your profession, you're sure to find an appropriate solution for your business.

Who's Exclaimer


It's likely the costs of these services are one of your heavier concerns; thankfully, neither solution breaks the bank:


These guys claim to offer companies: "Simple Setup, Simple Pricing" - and they're not wrong. 

WiseStamp seems to really understand the importance of cost-effective solutions, from small and medium businesses to enterprise level companies. A business shouldn't go out of pocket to get the right tools, and you won't have to with WiseStamp.

Their company plan costs just $3 per month per user (currently only $2 with their generous 33% discount). 

Plus, not only do they offer an annual deal to their customers, but if you want to try before you buy, there's a 14-day free trial, and you don't have to sign up with a credit card. That's a real rarity these days and grants some extra peace of mind. If you want to cancel your trial and forget to do so in time (it happens to the best of us), you're not stung with a surprise charge. What's not to like about that?

WiseStamp's Email Signature Features 

The other good news? This plan's features are just as palatable as the price. You'll get access to:

  • A signature that works on all email platforms (including G Suite, Office 365, MacMail, and more)

  • Easy integration with G Suite or Office 365

  • Central signature management dashboard

  • Automatic user invites and sync with G Suite or Office 365 user directory

  • Signature segmentation by department or job type

  • Premium support

  • Many options for signature templates

  • Advanced addons features (like email disclaimer, CTA button, banner gallery, sign off and more)

  • Unlimited amount of user and signatures

  • Easy to use design customization 


Compared to WiseStamp, how do these guys shape up? Let's take a look.

On the bright side, Exclaimer's services are also pretty affordable. However, the bad news is, they aren't as straightforward as WiseStamp. Trying to find a simple pricing solution on their website is like finding a needle in a haystack.

When you consider the variety of services on offer, this begins to make sense. You have to choose between cloud email signatures and on-premise email signatures with their own subcategories (like signatures for Office 365 and Signature Manager for Outlook). 

As such, where versatility's concerned, Exclaimer's great. But, to find an accurate price, you'll have to use their website's sliding pricing scale to select how many users need a signature. For example, If you want signatures for Office 365 for 10 users, this will cost

$15.20 a month, which works out to be $1.52 a user. Or, for 100 users, this will set you back $138.00 a month, which equates to $1.38 a user.


The more users that need email signatures, the cheaper it is per user. That said, unlike WiseStamp, you can't go below 10 users, making this a pricier option for smaller businesses.

The features differ with each plan, too, but for the sake of consistency, let's look at cloud-based email signatures for Office 365. With this plan, you'll get:

  • Central management

  • Ease-of-use (like self-service web portals, no installs or downloads)

  • Security and complete integration with your Microsoft 365 directory

  • Microsoft certified support (this includes video guides and technical documentation)

Security and permissions

A major difference to note between Excalimer and WiseStamp is their implication on your data security. The way they insert your signatures into your company emails is a major issue in terms of security and the permissions to bestow on these companies. 

While WiseStamp uses G Suite and Office 365 API to insert the signature in your email body, and thereafter only control your signature block, Exclaimer injects your signature in your mail by passing your entire email data through their servers.

That fact that Exclaimer passes your email traffic through their servers creates an ownership problem, as well as puts the responsibility for securing your data in their hands. 

Another issue with this is that Exclaimer uses third party servers, and this may expose you to server failure as we've seen in June 2021 when Fastly CDN crashed, rendering thousands of services inactive. This outage did not affect WiseStamp, which does not use third party servers to inject your signatures.

Other Key Features

WiseStamp and Exclaimer also include other useful features, such as: 


  • It's fully customizable - you have complete control over layouts, colors, fonts, image shapes, and more

  • It's quick to deploy

  • No maintenance is necessary

  • Tracking and analyzing the performance of email signature campaigns is easy


  • Like WiseStamp, Exclaimer is customizable - you can create different designs for different email replies, use simpler designs for internal emails, and benefit from a 'test before you send' feature

  • Track link clicks in email signatures

  • You can design as many email signatures as you like 

Other Key Features

The Pros and Cons

Now that we've covered the basics, let's take a more in-depth examination of the pros and cons, starting with WiseStamp:

WiseStamp's Pros:

  • Easy to use in the system.

  • WiseStamp's pricing model is simple to understand

  • Compared to Exclaimer, WiseStamp is more cost-effective for smaller businesses .

  • Rich template gallery & addons option

  • WiseStamp is an easy to use product, and received excellent reviews from their customers

WiseStamp's Cons:

  • You can't personalize pricing plans to the same degree as Exclaimer

  • You pay per user, and as a larger business, you may have to contact their sales team for a quote.

Exclaimer's Pros:

  • Exclaimer's pricing models are built for larger businesses

  • Pricing plans are more personalized than WiseStamp

  • Exclaimer offers a versatile array of services

Exclaimer's Cons:

  • Exclaimer used third party servers to to install their email signatures in client's emails, which adds security and data ownership issues to consider

  • Customers report that it's challenging to get email signatures to look good on all devices; a signature made for Outlook may format weirdly on iPhone, for example.

  • Some of their feedback suggests their customer service needs improvement.

WiseStamp vs. Exclaimer Review - Our Final Verdict

A cross company professional-looking email signature is imperative for boosting brand awareness, generating more customers, executing successful marketing campaigns, and much more. In short, don't underestimate their importance!

In this WiseStamp vs. Exclaimer review, there are a few big takeaways.First, Looking at their features, you'd be forgiven for thinking that both competitors offer the same thing. Yes, they can both generate beautiful email signatures and boast easy-to-navigate interfaces. Still, there are a few determining features that might sway your opinion

Looking at their product itself, the WiseStamp product seems more intuitive and easy-to-use then Exclaimer. At the end of the day, you don't want to waste too much time in managing and designing your email signatures. It's a simple product and the setup should be simple as well.

Another thing, we've found WiseStamp more beneficial because of the amount of addons and features it offers - from a variety of banners, through customized buttons, meeting app, image, Facebook links and more.

Email Apps

Although both services are compatible with most email providers, with WiseStamp, all of these platforms are included in the price. This isn't the case for Exclaimer. So if you want signatures for multiple platforms, things get expensive pretty quickly. 

Alternatively, suppose you're after some training. In that case, Exclaimer seems to provide a few more services (like webinars and video tutorials). However, these aren't as relevant to the tech-savvy readers among us though.

Customer service is important too, and according to Capterra, WiseStamp rates far higher for positive customer service than Exclaimer. Needless to say, that's definitely worth factoring into your final decision. 

All in all, WiseStamp comes out on top in this WiseStamp vs. Exclaimer Review. However, they're certainly shaping up to be a strong competitor in the market.

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