Declutter Your Digital Workspace With These Apps and Tools
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The technological developments of recent decades have ushered in the era of the digital world. Regardless of our occupation, education, interests, or lifestyle, technology has become an intrinsic part of our lives. With more and more of us working and studying from home, ensuring that our digital workspaces are organized is critical to boosting productivity and enhancing performance. The truth is that it is often underestimated how a mismanaged and cluttered digital workspace can slow you down. It can be frustrating and stressful, especially when you struggle to retrieve the files you need.

We're encouraged to keep our physical workspaces in order. By filing our papers and sorting out stationary, we can more effectively allocate our time, lighten our workload, and be more efficient. When our desk is overwhelmed with papers, books, and files, our workflow is disrupted and our productivity is harmed. The same principle applies to our digital workspaces, but fortunately there are countless versatile apps and tools which can help you with this. Here are the best productivity apps and tools to help you stay decluttered.

1. Clean Email

Sorting your inbox is certainly easier said than done, but there's no underestimating the massive impact on your productivity and efficiency levels it can have. This is especially important when studying or working from home, where most of us reply to emails in order to communicate with our colleagues, acquaintances, and teachers. An email cleaner is the way forward as far as decluttering your inbox is concerned, and online tools such as Clean Email are an incredibly effective way to automate the cleaning and management of your emails.

These tools will not only organize your emails automatically, but will also keep your inbox organized in the long-term. Rather than manually deleting and unsubscribing from countless newsletters, you can simultaneously sort through hundreds of emails at a time. You even have the option to label particular types of emails so that they have been dealt with before they've even landed in your inbox. For example, you can delete emails which exceed a certain size, are more than a year old, or social notifications and online shopping ads.

An Auto-Clean feature has also been incorporated into Clean Email, through which you can immediately delete, label, and move emails as they arrive, change, or become older. For example, you can move any emails you receive from Reddit to the 'Read Later' section, or automatically transfer any messages from the 'Read Later' to the 'Trash' folder if they've been sitting around for more than a week. With a tool such as Clean Email, you can completely take control of your inbox in a way which is secure, privacy-oriented, and reliable.

2. Echo

When you're working or studying remotely from home, having access to a powerful and multi-functional communication management platform is absolutely critical. An essential aspect of decluttering your digital workspace is minimizing the number of items on your desktop and finding ways to work more efficiently and productively. Echo app is the ultimate communications management platform, and it performs a range of versatile functions for you which ensure seamless collaboration, undisrupted engagement, and constant connection.

Echo is an instant voice messaging application which has been specifically designed for supporting remote working and facilitating teamwork efforts. It is packed with a range of features such as recording voice messages, instant playback, message history, and automated transcription, all of which can be activated without any typing. This tool also has built-in speech recognition, saving you valuable time which you would otherwise have spent on reading and writing messages.

An important part of decluttering your digital workspace is integration, and Echo enables this because it can be used in conjunction with Slack and Zoom - seamlessly connecting every aspect of your digital workspace.

3. Unsubscriber

On a daily basis, a staggering 300 billion emails were sent throughout the globe in 2020. Email may be one of the oldest communication technologies around, but it is still the mainstream messaging platform for work, education, shopping and networking. Most of us are receiving a constant stream of newsletters, advertisements, various spam and non-priority messages, and ensuring that our inbox isn't always flooded with emails can seem like an impossible task. When it comes to taming a chaotic inbox, a tool like Unsubscriber from Clean Email is an invaluable resource.

Manually deleting, unsubscribing, and managing your subscriptions requires daily monitoring and checking which can end up consuming a sizable portion of your daily routine. With applications like Unsubscriber, however, automating email management has never been easier. Once you connect your account, this tool shows all your subscriptions in one place where you can easily choose which of them you no longer want to receive. You can also pause the subscription for a certain amount of time if you don't want to unsubscribe from this newsletter completely.

With a digital unsubscriber, you can save valuable time searching for the marketing newsletters you're actually interested in and free up space in your inbox for messages which are really important. Without any additional effort on your part, you'll notice a dramatic increase in your productivity and workflow. So if you've been wondering how to unsubscribe from emails and newsletters, the sophisticated algorithms which power Unsubscriber has are the perfect solution to achieving an entirely decluttered workspace.


We're relying on our devices more than ever, and keeping our digital workspaces decluttered has never been more necessary. With the passage of time, it's inevitable that your phone, laptop, or computer will begin to collect digital clutter such as unwanted emails and redundant desktop items. The more this digital clutter builds, it will leave you with less space to store files, slow down your device, and make it impossible to retrieve documents. When this happens, workflow is disrupted and productively is smothered.

By decluttering your digital workspace you can ensure less distractions and frustrations, enhanced decision-making as well as an increased focus on your work. With the various applications and tools mentioned above, you can enjoy a completely decluttered and organized workspace which effectively manages and takes care of itself.

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