Lightrun is Redefining Code Observability and Debugging
(Photo : Lightrun founders Ilan Peleg and Leonid Blouvshein. Photo by Tomer Rotenberg)

The experience of being a developer has changed drastically over the last few years. This has naturally led to the creation of a number of companies that have created products and services specifically tailored to help developers. Despite this, there are few of these companies that truly stand out. Recently, however, there has been a newer entrant to the market of developer-led startups and they are allowing developers to get a piece of software that helps them to work more efficiently by creating full visibility of their existing code . This company is called Lightrun, and was founded in 2019 by Ilan Peleg and Leonid Blouvshtein and has gone from strength to strength since then.

The New Mover in Observability and Cloud Operations 

Lightrun, a tech startup that is currently headquartered in Tel-Aviv, Israel, is making waves in the world of developers, primarily due to the fact that the company provides a solution for programmers to rapidly and easily debug their production code. This means that applications can be easily protected and maintained. Their solution also offers another range of products that can help developers adequately create developer logs, track the performance of applications, and more. There is even free pricing with decreased features for individual developers, whereas there is a more advanced version of their solution which requires payment to use. Currently, their solution is only available for Java.

Already Reaping Rewards

The company has managed to achieve a massive amount of startup funding since being launched over two years ago, with this funding being able to further their product development. Overall this total investment has amounted to $27 Million, from a group of nine investors. One of these investors is the American VC firm, Insight Partners. This is impressive work, especially considering the fact that the business has only been operating for a total of two years. There was one more VC firm involved and the rest of the investors into Lightrun have been individual investors, commonly known as angel investors.

A report released in April 2021, by Gartner has recognized the company as one of its "cool vendors" for 2021 in monitoring, observability, and cloud operations. Whilst the report itself cannot be stated to be an endorsement from Gartner due to its neutral nature, the inclusion of the company within this report is an indicator of their quality offering. This is further illustrated by the fact that the research team themselves included the company on this list.

Lightrun is redefining code observability and debugging

Why Lightrun is Making Waves

The company itself is making waves due to the fact that it helps research and development teams to improve their productivity by shortening processes and making code completely observable. The aforementioned logs, metrics, and traces can all be applied directly from your IDE or CLI, immediately and in real-time. The company has already managed to be trusted by a range of leading brands such as Nokia, WhiteSource, and DealHub. Their solution is highly valued because it gives developers 'shift left' observability from their existing tools. As a result of this, they don't need to log everything they do, meaning that they don't have to work backwards.

Existing Integrations and Security

Lightrun currently provides a number of existing integrations. This helps to create an experience without friction and one that is completed much more quickly than it would normally. Down below is a non-exhaustive list of some of the most common integrations that they work with such as Prometheus, Sentry, Slack, Splunk and AppDynamics.

You will also be delighted to know that using Lightrun will not compromise the security of your code, or your applications. The company is compliant with ISO-27001, which ensures that any code is adequately protected. Their solutions can either be installed on-site or hosted through a cloud-based system. In addition to this, there are a plethora of other privacy features available. These features include features like encryption, privacy blacklisting and audit trails.

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