Payment Cards on the Internet
(Photo : Payment Cards on the Internet)

For Internet transactions is generally Internet Safe-ness note that you always use an updated anti-virus program and a current firewall, check browser settings, particularly in terms of active content. Do not open emails from unknown senders. If possible, carry out the transaction on your own computer, more information under safety compass.

Only pass on your credit card number via connections that guarantee encryption between your computer and the recipient (e.g. SSL standard).

In addition, the card verification number (with VISA it is called CVV2 = Card Verification Value 2, with Mastercard CVC2 = Card Verification Code 2) can also be requested, which is printed on the credit card itself but is not stored in the magnetic strip.
On social media sites and groups, most of the carders provide the offers which are collected from Online Sites and groups for your reference. Please be aware of your credit cards and personal information before buying online from CVV Shop.

In general, make sure you know who you are dealing with. Print out the general terms and conditions and the imprint (address details, telephone number). Use the information to verify the existence of the Internet Company. Print out the complete business transaction. For internet retailers based abroad, especially in non-EU countries please note that our legal system may not have access. If necessary, select other payment options (cash on delivery, direct debit, bank transfer).

The card is gone - what to do?

Many perpetrators have adopted the widespread use of "plastic money". Therefore, if you lose your card, have it blocked for further use immediately, even if it is retained by the ATM for incomprehensible reasons.

If a criminal offense is suspected, the police should also be reported immediately.

If you lose your debit card (e.g. girocard, formerly also known as EC card) you should not only have it blocked at your bank, but also report it to the police as stolen! The police will then report the details of your lost debit card (bank code, account number and card sequence number) to the retail partner. From there, this data is forwarded to the retail stores connected to the KUNO blocking system. This is the only way to block your card for direct debit (payment by card plus signature)!

In order to effectively prevent the misuse of your cards, you should have your stolen or lost cards blocked immediately.

Debit cards (e.g. girocard, formerly also known as ec card) can be blocked nationwide via the standardized central telephone number 116 116 * (blocking emergency call) or 01805-021021 **.

The emergency number is the world's first central and standardized number for blocking cards and electronic authorizations. In case of a card loss, the citizen receives secure, quick and uncomplicated help and, in addition, the emergency number can also be reached by fax for speech and hearing impaired people on 116 116

What do I need to block?

The cardholder does not have to register to use the emergency blocking number. However, the following data should be kept ready to block lost cards:

EC and bank cards: the account number is absolutely necessary; the bank code is helpful for faster processing

Credit cards: the name of the bank or alternatively the bank code

Which cards can be blocked?

The blocking emergency number 116 116 applies to customers with cards or media whose issuers have joined the blocking emergency call. In the meantime, more than 90 percent of all bank and payment cards , various company employee ID cards and even cell phone cards can be blocked via 116 116 . The concept of the blocking emergency call envisages the involvement of participants from other industries and with other media, e.g. from the healthcare sector, as well as companies with employee IDs or access authorizations. The non-discriminatory access enables all issuers of cards and electronic authorizations to join the blocking emergency call - regardless of the number of cards in circulation.

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