The Results of Our Work
(Photo : The Results of Our Work)

The Ideaology Portal LLC Success Story

"Make IDEAS happen." That was the slogan that started everything for our company. There is no doubt that blockchain has become a key player in today's economy. We found, however, there was nothing unifying entrepreneurs around this powerful cryptography engine. 

To fix this issue, we created a platform that utilizes the power of blockchain technology to bring in business leaders and allow them to focus on their role of creating the new, forward-thinking world in which we all deserve to live in.

Our goal was clear from the beginning.  We decided to create an open source blockchain project on Ethereum, which would be dedicated to connecting talented developers and their target community members. What we did not know at that time was that we would run into some issues while developing the platform, issues that we wouldn't be able to solve on our own.

The Major Problems We Faced

In February 2021, we faced a couple of major problems including a lack of professional market makers who could provide liquidity for our token. Token trading without a proper market maker can make the chart seem unattractive to traders. As the liquidity provider token is the cornerstone of each promising crypto project, we realized that we needed to seek professional resources.

We started to form the most experienced team on the market. We came across Coin Liquidity Solutions, which was a turning point for our project. Coin Liquidity Solutions (CLS) is a team of experienced professionals who have been promoting projects on the crypto market for four years. Their portfolio included a ton of excellent projects with Robonomics, Obyte, PLEX, KIRA Network, and many more. The results of those partnerships with CLS were more than impressive. And so, we decided to collaborate with CLS and develop a huge plan for 2021. 

Market Making Strategy

Together, we rolled up our sleeves and got to work. Our major goal was to control the token marketplace and provide liquidity. 

Without a clean and attractive chart, I knew that we would not achieve our goals. Together with CLS, we have been developing a strategy and implementation plan. We have spent long days and nights brainstorming and discussing all the possible chart schemes with the CLS team. In time, we developed a variety of interesting technical concepts, tested them out, and started implementing these ideas with excellent results. 

Within four months, we achieved our goals and launched our plans.

The Results of Our Work:

Fundraising: +$400k for four months with positive effect on the price

Growth of Market Capitalization: +217%

Organic volume: from $30k to $500k per day

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Major Goals For 2021

Now that we have achieved our initial goals, it is on to bigger and brighter things! Our next goals to achieve include:  

  • Growing the community platform

  • Updating the platform 

  • IEO Round 2

  • Listing on exchanges

  • Full platform release

  • Online wallet release

It has been a huge six months for all of us, complete with its ups and downs. For us, the key to financial success has been proper market making and teamwork. From here, we plan to expand our platform and successfully grow our financial and auditory figures.

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