5 Proven Ways to Extend Your MacBook's Lifespan

Apple has a history of charging high prices for its products. While many are divided on whether the devices live up to their price tags, one particular Apple product gets unanimous appreciation: the MacBooks.

Apple's portable notebooks not only offer top-notch performance but also tend to last longer than most PCs. If you have an old MacBook or have just purchased a new one, here are five proven ways you can extend its lifespan.

Don't strain the battery

A major reason why some MacBooks last longer is because of the way users take care of the battery. The battery is one of the primary reasons people change their laptops so if you have spent a sizable amount for a MacBook, you should take care of it.

For starters, most MacBooks run on lithium-ion batteries., which don't do well with fluctuations. Draining your battery to 0% and then charging it to 100% does more harm than good. You should keep your battery charge between 30%-80% for optimal performance. Check the System Preference > Battery and About This Mac > System Report > Power to see your usage and battery health.

Wipe away any residue

You'd be surprised to know how big of an impact dust can have on internal components. As you use your MacBook, dust enters through the air vents and ports, which can block the airways, making your device hotter and putting pressure on the battery. You should occasionally open the bottom panel of the MacBook with a screwdriver and gently get rid of dust by using compressed air and a lint-free cloth.

Keep the storage clean and optimized

You should always be aware of what you download or store on your computer. Going for a bigger HDD or SSD configuration while buying a MacBook or getting hold of an external storage unit is always a good idea, but it's not easy to constantly monitor your storage space, especially when you've been using it for years. By using a Mac cleaner app, you can find and delete old junk and duplicate files and make your Mac run faster than ever.

Keep the software up-to-date

Apple has very good software support, even for its older devices. Since technology is evolving all the time, new issues and data breaches are found each day. By regularly updating software to the latest version, you can secure your Mac from threats and prevent it from running slow.

Go for new Apple silicon

If you're planning to buy a new Mac in 2021 or beyond and want to use it for years, you should just go for the MacBooks that come with Apple silicon. Apple finally released its in-house M1 chip last year, and it has been received with thunderous applause. M1 Macs are not only faster and more powerful than existing alternatives, but they're guaranteed to receive software and hardware support longer than the previous models.

The longevity of any device depends on the users. While the new MacBooks are quite powerful, you'll be able to enjoy them for a long time if you treat them just like a machine.

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